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  1. Thank you. I expected the HH3000 to be the problem, do all HH3000 users have the same issue? Looks like I have to bypass this garbage, do you have a ONT or ONR capable of 1.5gbps speed in mind? If a router is rated for 1gbps, can it handle more via ethernet?
  2. I just tested it and yeah, the results were promising, but I did test on speedtest and fast as well as control
  3. I subscribed to Bell fibe 1gbps ftth with the HH3000, everything is fine so far but there is something really weird happening, I'm certainly doing something wrong. As you can see in the attached pictures the bandwidth is 1gbps and consistant tested from the HH3000 itself. But when I test it on my devices I have weird results, using 2.4ghz and 5ghz (both AC and N) and ethernet. I have significantly less bandwidth through WiFi, that's expected (i still find odd that the AC doesn't give better results than the G or N and why do I always have the upload speed higher). With ethernet I can't reach more than 300mbps in download and 700 in upload. I tested it with two macbook pro (2013 and 2018), same result. I set all the ethernet ports on both ends to 1000 full duplex. Is there a bottleneck somewhere? How can I get something like 800 for both up and down via ethernet?
  4. I'm lost, what are you trying to achieve exactly?