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  1. Demonicreature

    Free Games IV!

    Upstate New York has the world's most ancient forest
  2. Demonicreature

    Worth it to switch to 802.11AC?

    I'm only like 5-6 metres from the router with only a concrete wall in between
  3. Demonicreature

    Worth it to switch to 802.11AC?

    Which adapter did you use, and is it good? If so I could get the same one..
  4. Demonicreature

    Worth it to switch to 802.11AC?

    ASUS AC56S
  5. Demonicreature

    Worth it to switch to 802.11AC?

    My laptop(Asus G75VX) currently has an Atheros ar9485wb-eg that only supports 2.4ghz and is giving me these results http://www.speedtest.net/result/4839602764.png. I'm in Singapore and I'm on a 1gbp/s data plan so the results are not as what I am supposed to get. I'm now wondering if I buy a Asus USB adapter (http://www.amazon.com/Asus-USB-AC56-Dual-band-Wireless-AC1200-Adapter/dp/B00FB45USW/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1447766932&sr=8-16&keywords=asus+AC#customerReviews), will it give me better internet connection speed? Edit: Comparatively, my phone(Sony Xperia Z) is connected via 5ghz and its getting results of 4ms, 91.20 mbps Download and 67.42 mbps upload.
  6. Demonicreature

    Affordable 2.0 speakers

    I don't know much about audio but I've been using my Creative T40 for about over a year now and I love them. Few flaws like how the power cable can be easily taken out with little force but don't worry much about that. Just don't pull on the cable. The bass is pretty good even though its only a 2.0. The volume can be turned up all the way without straining the speakers ( bass heavy music will sound quite terrible but its 2.0, can't expect much) but at like 60% the volume is already quite loud. After writing all of that I just realised its like 109.99 on Amazon but the little brother T20 is only 60 bucks which idk if you want to stretch the budget. Haven't tried it but should be about the same. Once again, I'm only amateur that bought a random speaker that I liked so take my comment with a grain of salt.
  7. Demonicreature

    i am being trolled :(

    Call Singtel, Starhub, M1 etc. They can help you out.. maybe not if you're under singtel cause they are shit..
  8. Demonicreature

    Is this a good deal?

    http://www.lazada.sg/beyerdynamic-custom-one-pro-interactive-headphones-white-free-hippo-mookamp-742937.html I randomly chanced upon this... I don't know if this is a good and legit deal... Also is the "interactive" version the same as the normal one?
  9. Demonicreature

    Soo..... I spilled hot chocolate on my keyboard...

    I cleaned out my keyboard and its now working again!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Thanks guys for the suggestions!
  10. Demonicreature

    Soo..... I spilled hot chocolate on my keyboard...

    Yeah... I figured that they wouldn't take back a product they didn't damage.... I'll go looking for a new keyboard while my one miraculously dries...
  11. Hey guys, I accidentally spilled hot chocolate on my Corsair K70 and now it won't work... Do you think Corsair would accept an RMA in this case? I also no longer have the receipt for the keyboard....
  12. Demonicreature

    Not wanting to play games anymore

    Hey linustechtips, I've been going through a phase that people have called "gamer fatigue". Its been months since I last wanted to play a game. The last game I've really enjoyed and wanted to keep playing was TF2... but I stopped about march last year and I think that it started when I stopped TF2... after that I've just been using my computer using the internet most of the time. I often find myself going through my Steam library thinking of wanting to play a game but I end up just using the internet again. I sometimes play some games for about 30-45 mins and just get bored and give up after that. I have quite a number of games not even reaching 2 hours of gameplay... about 80% of games I own I think. There was of course some games I got into last year that I somewhat enjoyed like GTA IV(I know... old game... I felt nostalgic about GTA so I played it and got like 8 hours out of it... was disappointed but the mods were fun) and civilization 5 with about 40 hours of gameplay. Other than these 2 games I have played, I felt that everything else was boring. I play Dota 2 occasionally with my friends but I got bored of it very quickly and now I rarely talk with them. Games are the thing that boosts relationships between me and my friends but since I stopped playing games much, I feel like the distance between us are getting larger and larger. Is there any way to circumvent this issue? Maybe recommend me some games that are fun to play... idk. My life feels so empty without games but whenever I try to play games I and very reluctant. I apologised if I have ruined anyones days after reading this... I wanted to get this out of myself.
  13. Demonicreature

    GPU underclocking

    Hey guys... My laptop's (ASUS G75VX) GPU(GTX670MX) keeps on underclocking by itself... when I play games the temps are constantly at 87-89 degrees celcius and at this temperature, the gpu shouldn't be having much problem, however... the gpu underclocks itself to 200+mhz when the default is 601mhz... I have already disabled the turbo boost on my i7 by making the maximum CPU power setting to 99% it no longer turbo boosts anymore so the temperature should go down a little... I also have my laptop sitting on top of a coolermaster laptop cooler. Is there any other way to prevent my gpu from underclocking? Hopefully nothing that needs me to spend my cash... I added the image of Msi afterburner after I played GTA IV for a little while... as you can see the GPU clock is significantly lower when I was playing the game and pops back up to 601 mhz when idle...
  14. Demonicreature

    Time to get new PC?

    Sooo... its just the game?
  15. Demonicreature

    Time to get new PC?

    I have a 2 year old ASUS G75 with a GTX670MX in it and I get 30 FPS when playing Sleeping dogs: Definitive Edition on low... is it time for a new PC or is the game just taxing on computers?