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  1. I'd tried that as well before posting. Thank you for the response though.
  2. The title explains it. Alt = start menu Win + Tab = task changer Alt + Tab = task view etc. Please tell me a fix.
  3. Randomly my ALT + Tab stopped working. Window + Tab functions how ALT + Tab is supposed to be working, and vice verse. Some of my other shortcuts seem to be acting weird as well. My Cntrl+Shift+P generally brings up Geforce experience, but now it's showing print settings. The AltTabSettings weren't in the registry, so I created one. Did nothing. I've checked multitask settings, keyboard shortcut settings, sticky key settings, and more. Tried my keyboard shortcuts as well, but it wasn't them either. I multitask far too much for this annoying sh*t to be happening. Windows key also does not, but Alt + Windows does...
  4. PC boots and gives signal anything from SSDs, but not will not give any monitor signal from HDDs. I've bought two HDDs and tried multiple known good drives. PC refuses to give any signal. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I am truly getting out of my zone when it comes to keyboards. Could someone please inform me of all of the parts needed to build an ergonomic mechanical board. lube stabilizers master/slave pcb keycaps switches What solder? Use flux? I appreciate any help!
  6. Built my new daily a few weeks ago and for time consumption purposes I installed everything on SSDs. Well, those drives were small so I bought and used some other HDDs that I had. Problem is my pc will not boot with any HDD. Does not matter if I pull all other drives. PC is on but sits with "no signal". Even on the HDD that has an installation of Windows it just sits with no signal, despite having the latest drivers for my GPU on that drive. If you could help or give a thought that'd be great.
  7. So far this problem just seems to happen in Fortnite. I understand it is a cpu intensive game but I wasn't having this issue all that long ago. Late game proves to be a hard hit for even much newer Kaby lake line up. Tested monitors, same outcome: LG-25um57 Asus VG248QE Again, I've also lowered aspect ratio to 16:9 and in game resolution along with 3D resolution and this issue just sticks around with the same fps as before.
  8. I'll give that a try and see how it it works.
  9. No, I use a dual link DVI which is plugged into my 1050.
  10. To add, my gpu is taking no hits. It sits around 10% usage at most cpu isn't causing a bottleneck that I can tell either b/c I've tried multiple gpus from 460se to r9 380x. Currently using a 1050. To further add, changing resolution, aspect ratio, 3d resolution, graphics further down all have no effect.
  11. My issue is my fps dropping in games. Curious as to why this is happening seeing it wasn't just a month or two ago. Every time I check my CPU usage it's maxed out hard. My FPS used to stay capped 120 early game and then recently everything even mouse movements throw it down to below 60 easy while in games while looking at areas that have low poly count. Then as the game progresses it just starts to become a joke or something constantly hitting 20 no going above 40. I also get severe hitches. Check my temps meanwhile they're at 45-55 but cpu usage 100% There has been absolutely no hardware changes in my computer and I keep all drivers up to date and have tried reverting. Changed my thermal paste and pads on my cpu and gpu in the middle of the night last night. No I don't have the best gaming pc but still this wasn't happening just a month ago. Even less capable workstations clocked @2.1ghz I have are out performing my fx-6300. Not really sure what the hell to do. I am currently waiting to get my other PC but seriously this is getting ridiculous. Any help would be great, thanks.
  12. My fx-6300 is no longer doing it for me in many of the games I play. CPU usage smashes up to 100% and my GPU just isn't getting touched hardly. I've got quite a few CPUs and wanted to know if I should spend the small amount of money on a dual socket motherboard? I don't have enough for a Ryzen build, so I'm just winging it with what I've got.
  13. I've got quite a few Xeons and was wondering if they'd be worth a build. I've got: x2 Xeon e5-4640 @2.4GHz 8c/16t x2 Xeon e7-4860 @2.6GHz 12c/24t x2 Xeon e5-2665 @2.4GHz 8c/16t Many more high core, high thread Xeons. Would it be worth buying a dual socket motherboard and building a rig. Really wondering b/c I'm currently running an FX-6300 and it gets chopped down by some of the titles I play, especially late game or a few hours in. Please feel free to give me any knowledge or information possible. I'm looking for something that is inside of my budget and honestly that these CPUs could do for me.