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    rice guru reacted to Cyberspirit for a status update, Well, it happened, I got around to upgrading my old Hyper X Cloud 1 cans to a Beyerdy   
    Well, it happened, I got around to upgrading my old Hyper X Cloud 1 cans to a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro.
    The first time I put them on, I thought that they were a bit too firm but after a little bit, they became super comfy.
    Not that the Cloud 1 wasn't comfy but, I did have to swap the stock mesh pads to the leather ones because those were way too hot.
    Now, the first time I put music on, I was pretty surprised because I couldn't really hear any difference but, when I put my Cloud 1 back on, the music became much flatter and, it sounded very closed in. In the 770 Pro, everything is clearer and further away.
    I've heard that these kinds of headphones need to 'burn in' to sound better so, guess I know what I'll spend my weekend with.
    So far I'm pretty happy with it but my little DAC-X6 might not be.
    The poor little thing barely had to do anything to my Cloud 1 but, the 770 Pro needs a lot of juice. Still, it seems to be able to handle it which is nice.

    I love the way it looks, feels and, more importantly, the way it sounds so, thanks for the recommendation @rice guru ❤️
    Here's a terrible picture of the beauty:
    Ps: Seems like the whine I heard with my Cloud 1 isn't happening with the 770 Pro so, I guess it wasn't coming from my PC after all.