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  1. It's pretty great for $50 but will pick up everything. Spend a bit more and get some thing like a ath2005 or a Samson q2u for a nice cheap dynamic usb mic
  2. If your curious I could take a picture of how both earpads compare when. I get home later to help you witha more informed purchase.
  3. There are headphones that have qualities to them that happen to be good for gaming and depending on the music you listen to or personal preferences are also good for music. The qualities generally are wide sounding good imaging and relatively flat sounding with some emphasis on the treble but you can get away with a decent amount of bass sometimes bass is preferred depending on the games your playing.
  4. rice guru


    i don't thinka usb c to A adapter would work cause you would need software as these wireless gaming headsets often need. but worth a shot if the adapters are cheap enough. I would highly advise wearing them in public though cause they are high key ugly with the "gamer" aesthetic.
  5. They shouldn't be flattened if the pads are new. My pads are a month old and my pads aren't flattened yet fully. It's possible one ear is bigger or pressure distribution is just not exact. To test that just try flipping orientation and see how it fits .
  6. Massdrop and Amazon usually is where I spot them drop price but it seems they are currently up pricing wise
  7. At this price point with all the features why not just go to the source of these skull candies and buy directly from Chinese brands like taotronics , mpow, and Anker they all make some half decent ANC wireless headsets at this price point
  8. the widest soundstage I cant hink of at this price range tthat are fairly neutral are the takstar pro 82's and sivga sv006. I dont listen to those genres so I dont exactly know how they will hold up but considering you seemd to like the cb1 both should fit fine sound signature wise.
  9. what kind of music do you listen to? what do you want more or less of coming form the cb1?
  10. Like everyone so far said you cable is failing . Any competent electronics repair shop should be able to fix it for you pretty easily I would also reccomend asking them if they could potentially mod it for you so you had a replaceable cable. As adding a 3.5 mm port isn't very complicated
  11. You can't connect andac to the computer but you should be able to connect any amp to the monitor . A dac would need a digital signal so something like usb or toslink is usually how it works. But since your monitor has usb and acts like a usb hub you should be able to get away with any dac amp. The Ifi products specifically designed for the HD 6xx is pretty damn good especially for the 6xx
  12. their not hard to drive but if you really need to I would get something like a hip dac or fiio k3. I would not reccomend the previously stated e10k they just kinda flat out suck these days and have pottentially dirty pots.
  13. They are decent but that upper mids bump really screws with a lot of people. I think it's fine personally but personally not a fan of the super neutral tuning
  14. I actually prefer how they sound flattened personally
  15. Damn I was under the impression you guys since you lived in Europe could just order them off the Europe beyerdynamic store online
  16. There are a few iems that accomplish this to averting degrees of success the BLON 03 decent sound but you gotta replace everything about it from tips to the cable.BLON o5 had decent neutral bass. Tin hifi plus too neutral for bass head but great sounding overall. Guideray GRI great if you want a lot of bass the mids are decent the treble Isn't awful but has no extension so lacks in detail at times but this is my favorite at this price point for lots of bass. Kz zsx the treble can be too much for people. The CCA c10 is actually a strong contender for what you want good bass and pretty satisfactory everywhere else especially In the mids as it's quite decent.
  17. I don't understand what you mean . By focused and picking out instruments do you mean a headphone that had good instrument separation. Both the triple driver and beyerdynamics are good at both.
  18. yes but they can usually be found for much cheaper than asking price another option to look at is the custom one studio by beyerdynamic.
  19. dont see the jabra 65t's or akg's nc500 technically another samsung bud but different sound sig
  20. thats just backlight bleed hard to get rid of unless you mod it or exchange it for a new one if iit bothers you bad. thats a commone problem almost all monitors have. looking at it thorpugh the picture will make it look worse than it really is.
  21. Ips ultrawide 1080 p froma good brand. its a good monitor but it looks like you guys in the UK have to spend double what it's actually worth sadly. Ive paid less for my 27 inch 1440p 144 hz albeit it's only 16:9 which is my personal preference
  22. dont neeccisarily need on ein that case but if you plan to upgrade to more power hungry headphones in the future it wont be a bad call.
  23. on the upper treble they get slightly darker. its not really that they lose detail more sound smoother/ less forward in the upper frequencies. like it's slightly eq'd just removing some of the edge. Lots of treble doesn't necceseraly mean detail. dont worry I just replaced the pads with the same pads they ship with I kinda fucked up the original pads while I was putting them back on after cleaning.
  24. Had one a couple of replies ago I also expand on how they relate sound wise to the msr7. You could also wo with the cheaper m40x though that headphone is a bit of a downgrade and is more forgiving that both Headphones
  25. Depends on if that costs just as much as a new pair and how much you save doing that. Also consider shipping and what you are potentially sacrificing getting new pads and a used pair like warranties return policies and how much youvalue that. Also consider pads change how headphones sound