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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    b350 PC mate
  • RAM
    16 GB ddr4 corsair lpx
  • GPU
    gtx 1070
  • Case
    phanteks p400
  • Storage
    x1 280 gb kingston ssd x1 1tb ble hdd x1 2tb barraccuda
  • PSU
    650 GQ
  • Display(s)
    2 1080 p 60 hz monitors one tn onr IPS
  • Cooling
    be quite! BK009
  • Keyboard
    ducky one 2 rgb full sized
  • Mouse
    G502,Model O
  • Sound
    topping d10---> Liquid spark--->m570, dt 990 gaming hd 58x, he 4xx
    topping pa3-----> micca RB 42
  • Operating System
    win 10

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  1. takstar pro 82/cooler master mh 751, shp 9500's , creative aurvana live, BLON B8 all pretty comfy specially the first 2
  2. Amazon basics RCA cables should be good enough or monoprice ones. The monoprice ones can just be a little stiff unfortunately so stacking kind a sucks with them.
  3. If you can find the fiio k5 pro it should be around that price really good value product sound great. I personally think they sound better than the fulla but is generally more expensive.
  4. eh I prefer the feel of the liquid spark the cheaper schiit gear have slight QOL stuff like knob alignment, knob feel gain switch positioning that sometimes just feels like a oversight. Schiit build quality has bever been mind blowing like ever to me cause monoprice,fiio, topping, Aune, ifi and so many more brands have the same if not better build quality especially around the budget side of things, and I have felt some schitt that seems like it coud cut me. and in my small circle of audiophile friends schiit gear has been the only one to fail for us.
  5. first of all you can NEVER with current tech gematch the perofrmance especiually rsuround sound effect on any headphone.. you can get close. but due to the 2 driver nature as well as priximity to your head the drivers are you will always have a oval shaped soundstage and the imaging cant be as good in regard to front and rear. the issue with the 660 while it is a very good headphone in regards to imaging the soundstage does not get very wide. things dont sound that far compared ot other similarly priced or even cheaper headphones its rather intimate. honestly if you have a decent card like what you have and you like what you have you dont need to upgrade it and you can totally just run an amp off it with a line out. especially if virtual suround sound is that important to you. the 660s are rather easy to drive I honestly think you should be fine with what you have. If I were you I would just keep what you have for now wait yuntil the headphone comes in and try that first. If It's not loud enough then get an amp. I have the basically budget version of the 660 similar everything including drivability and can run it off my phone and motherboard fine. and my portable DAC amp on low gain / so a PCIE card should be able to run the 660
  6. so what do you want less of or more of ? in your existing headphones
  7. Maybe argons or the DT 177x
  8. I probably wouldn't like either I'm not a numbers guy there is a reason I have the liquid spark over the atom and magni . Just simply was the most enjoyable listen
  9. Do you want something more bright? Or warm ? Or darker? Maybe a planar headphone might be up your alley like a sendy aiva or a sundara, or LCD 2c. The 600 is flat and reference , the 650 has warmth and has improved dynamics and detail. But if you live in the US the 6xx is a better option exactly the same as the 650 just cheaper
  10. From what ive been hearing the 3+ to me is the most promising apparently sounds more dynamic and fits my personal tastes better while the heresy seems to aim closer to the atom.
  11. What I generally say with tubes is to not get into them until you hAve a good solid state amp and are bored of how your headphones sound and want a different flavor of the same headphone
  12. Magni 3+ , schiit heresy, monoprice liquid spark, or JD's labs atom can't go wrong with any of them.
  13. So dedicated dacs have amps but enough to just output a line output it's not really enough power to power anything. So an amp is also advised. What I would reccomend doing if you want to take it step by step is using the fx audio as a dictated dac with the linout at the back of the unit and plug that into a new amp. As the dac on the unit is somewhat capable. Amps generally make more of a sound difference anyway and once you feel like upgrading the dac you can go for it.
  14. true most people cant even tell the difference between flac and a high quality MP3