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    b550 mag tomahawk
  • RAM
    16 GB ddr4 corsair lpx
  • GPU
    gtx 1070 fe
  • Case
    phanteks p400
  • Storage
    WD blue 500gig ssd and a 860 evo 1tb ble hdd x1 2tb barraccuda
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    650 GQ
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    1 asus 1080p monitor in vertical and a 144z 1440p lg monitor
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    be quite! dark rock pro 4
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    ducky one 2 rgb full sized
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    G502,Model O
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    topping d10---> Liquid spark---> dt 990,hd 58x, he 4xx
    topping pa3-----> micca RB 42
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    win 10
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    lenovo thinkbook 14s i7 8th gen radeon 540x

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  1. also I wanted to expand on this true potential thing. when you are listenting to a headphone that is under powered you can miss out on micro details as well most likely miss out on some bass and possibly soundstage. it all depends on what the headphone's capabilities are when fully properly powered.
  2. you should be fine if you dont hear any distortion. distortion usually happens when it is loud and at the amps upper limits. having an amp that doesn't drive your headphones ;oudly and with a bit of headroom you are sacrificing abit of your headphon'es true potential cause an amp that has reliable clean power can do a decent amount to a headphone to bring out it's true potential. the akg k7xx isn't exact;y a headphone that really requires an amp to reach it's true potential but Im sure you yourself will benefit more by having more volume available to you as it seems quite regardless
  3. If it's quite you need an amp. The current gen Magnus are both great. There are alternatives like the topping e30 and JDs labs atom they all sound the same for the most part.
  4. If the problem is with your motherboard probably
  5. It seems like a cross talk issue. Somewhere maybe in the headset itself or motherboard
  6. Its still pretty bad. the only decent beats IMO are the solo line and even then I can think of cheaper headphones I would much prefer to listen to. also wired bluetooth headphones sound significantly more awful when wired there are a few exceptions like the audeze mobius , drop Panda according to folks who have tried them, and the hifiman Deva.
  7. if your on public transit regularly you would want an in ear design regardless of ANC. a good pair with decent bass is the jabra elite 65t and if youdont mind spending a bit more cash the AKG N400 is pretty great
  8. do you wanna go with a usb mic or interface setup?
  9. gaming with typical wireless headphones is generally a bad Idea. Latency and technechalities are not up to par as things like soundstage and imaging typically go out the window. Its best you try to get the best of both world by buying 2 headphones one bluetooth and one for gaming use. whether it be wireless or wired.
  10. New fantasia cables work, you can buy an original one from massdrop. You can get higher quality ones from companies like periapt or Hart audio
  11. It's a trend with drop and massdrop most massdrop original products that are in the electronics space tend to have an issue or two on the first few runs. Usually just build issue not something this dramatic. I would make a Reddit post or headfi post and see who else is having the problem
  12. you pretty much seem to have done all you can do. hope for the best if nothing works make a reddit thread complainign tweet to them make some forum posts on other audio forums. Drop has a pretty ok return policy within the US and their customer service is ok to pretty awful.
  13. Oops sorry I meant the L30 I get the 2 confused sometimes
  14. Bruh my favorite pair of skull candies to make fun of cause my buddy has it are the ones that have the phone vibrating mechanism on each ear so when bass happens the headphone physically vibrates
  15. That was spell check lol i edited but I was really tempted to keep it