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  1. TisseFrans

    RTX 2080Ti maximum temperature

    I've set the limit in Afterburner to 84c because I didn't want it to get hotter than that.Lowering the temperature just makes it too damn loud.
  2. TisseFrans

    RTX 2080Ti maximum temperature

    Thanks for your input! I do believe that blower style cards get warmer but I was just worried that it was TOO warm. Thanks again!
  3. TisseFrans

    RTX 2080Ti maximum temperature

    Hi guys...first time on the forum here! Seems like there's a lot of wisdom around here so I thought I'd ask a question regarding some maximum temperature. Through my brother's company I've recently been able to get my hands on a Gigabyte RTX 2080 Ti Turbo ( website) It wasn't my first choice but at the price I just couldn't say no to it. However it is REALLY noisy. Like almost unbearable noisy when under load. I've messed around with a custom fan curve that compromises fan speed and temperature to around 84C. I know it's high but it is too high? That's my question. Lowering the temperature requires more fan speed and then it get too loud. It's completely stable at 84C but can I run it at those temps in the long run? Thanks in advance!