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  1. Morph Tollon

    I need gpu driver help!

    PC HARDWARE: ryzen 7 a gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H (rev. 1.x ) A gtx 660TI from msi 3 hdds and a sata dvd drive 600w psu Win 10 home premium
  2. Morph Tollon

    I need gpu driver help!

    i have re installed windows and it still wont make a difference and you cat disable updates in safe mode. At the fresh re install it worked the it installed some drivers and restarted and blue screened
  3. Morph Tollon

    I need gpu driver help!

    Was playing a game early today and then the game crashed, I have a 660 ti, and then the computer blue screened. i re boot and then dose not turn on again without graphical artifacts and instant blue screening. it happened after a system reboot so i am lead to believe than Nvidias newest driver is in some way corrupt or something. i can no longer boot the computer unless it is in safe mode. shall i just reinstall windows, unplug the Ethernet cable so it cant auto update and just install drivers from half a year ago to play it safe? any help will be greatly appreciated,