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  1. I have the mini tower edition, and quite the space for a full sized GPU. The PSU provided is 290W and it does not have any spare connectors so I need a GPU that works only through PSIe power. I'm looking through options like Zotac 1050 TI OC Gigabyte 1050 TI G1 and Gygabyte 1050 TI Windforce OC. I'll lookup each one and see which one works the best and if they match this PC's capabilities
  2. Are you saying such a GPU should work with my PSU? I live in Egypt and this is the only proper marketplace available for me: https://egypt.souq.com/eg-ar/graphics-card/s/?as=1 Thinking of buying a GTX 1050.
  3. Hello. I'm looking for a GPU that suits my Dell setup. It's an Optiplex 3020, here's the website's link with proper service tag code: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/servicetag/6sb4682/configuration Currently it has two HDD's, one's HD 500 gigs and the other is HD 1000 gigs. Two sticks of DDR3 1600mhz ram, Intel Core i5 4590, "Hitachi" DVD ROM (no clue what that company is but I can disable that if needed), and according to the website, a 95W heat sink. Can't access the PSU right now to confirm but sources on the internet say the PSU is 290 watts and it's kind of irreplaceable without attempting to screw up the chassis, and I'm not exactly that kind of risky considering I don't have the money to replace any of this if it goes bad. So, what are my options here when it comes to finding a new GPU? I was thinking a GTX 1050 to replace my current dying factory underclocked GT730 (absolutely abysmal piece of s***) but I really don't know what my options are with a limited PSU. Also keep in mind I'm not GPU expert so if you have better suggestions for GPU I can link the marketplace that I'm willing to buy from and see if I have a better option.