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  1. Yeah it's fine, I'd seal it if I didn't have to move it around a lot, and I don't need to worry about others touching it or me actually touching it.
  2. a5cd11f9-fe9c-46f3-bbc5-367fc196a60d.jfif@Canoe @Fasauceome Sorry for the bad quality, check the cable on the bottom left. I've had two PC's that happen to electrocute me without grounding. One prebuilt the other, this one, I fully built myself. I can't really tell why this happens aside from it being excess voltage and me constantly standing on hard concrete ground which makes me grounded, causing me to be the ground connection for the case when I touch it. Lot of ground stuff going on. I get this is a vague idea on how to ground your case but it supposedly works. I don't get any issues at all with HDMI connections and all my other peripherals work normally. I just wanna know if there are dangers to the PC that I may not be aware of.
  3. 4del

    Hot GPU

    I can't tell where the sudden shift in temperature came from but first make sure that the airflow in your case is good, it could be getting heated up because the fans aren't working and it's just recycling hot air. If this doesn't work, I recommend taking the GPU apart and reapplying new thermal paste as this actually does increase your performance by alot, but keep in mind that it is voiding your warranty.
  4. I live in Egypt, 220V AC 50Hz. My plugs don't have grounding so I managed to improvise a grounding cable that I connected to a pin holding the PSU and to a nail on my full brick wall. What I'm assuming is that it's suitably grounded, since I can't get slightly electrocuted like I could before. I did this at the same time that I bought a new Redragon K553 keyboard and it's experiencing some repetitive keystrokes, which don't happen often but seem to be noticeable. Also two of my screens happens to get white distortion like lines on it somewhat frequently when connected through VGA. What I did notice before grounding it is the existence of extra overall distortion on the screen, but I didn't notice many white distortion lines. Can anyone help me clarify what these issues are and if what I'm doing is safe for the PC itself? Thank you.
  5. A bit of an update since I'm blind as shit right now; if you're talking about GBP a new 1660 is good for your price range as the good folks above mentioned, GTX 1660 is a really good buy, with almost no bottleneck on either side when paired with your CPU. I wouldn't recommend you buy a single fan 1660 Super, sounds sketchy to me. 1070 is also a good pair, but very expensive on the new side. Used should be around your price range. Good deals on new 1660 TI and Super. (around 40 GBP more expensive than your price range's extreme though.) Checkout bottleneck calculator if you'd like, but keep in mind that both your CPU and GPU are overclockable, making the website seem inaccurate but gives you a good idea on whether you're making the right decision or not. Good luck!
  6. Is your RAM's clock speed in Ubuntu also fine? Did you properly place your RAM slots on your board?
  7. Are you okay with buying used Graphics cards? Are you in a highly populated area? I don't know much about upcoming deals on Amazon but I think you can find some really good deals on used graphics cards at the moment, with people having upgraded their old ones (old can be applied to as high as a 1080) for pretty good prices. I don't see any way you can get a good deal on a new graphics card that won't REALLY bottleneck your CPU unless if you're going for older AMD titles like an RX580. (which I recommend if you do want to get a new card). Also, you have to keep in mind that if you are planning on using an old card, you might have to get dirty with changing the thermal paste and manually inspecting it and it's components, but from my experience, nothing that's not worth the risk.
  8. Hello! I have a Dell Optiplex 3020 case and board, I'm upgrading to a Thermaltake Smart SE 730 PSU (don't question why) that only has a 20+4 pin power connector, the motherboard has an 8 pin power connector. I live in Egypt so buying any adapters off of Amazon's not possible. What can I do?
  9. Hello! I own a Dell Optiplex 3020, my old GT730 died recently so I had to switch to the integrated HD4600. Using the latest drivers provided by Intel, or even the drivers from Windows Update causes rendering issues to DX9 games, haven't seen any issues on DX10 or above games. Using the drivers provided by Dell's website stops this issue from happening completely, although the drivers are way outdated, being last updated in 2015. Doing some benchmarks I found out that the newer games are negatively affected in performance when using the old drivers provided by Dell. The processor is i5 4590, everything is stock except for an added 4GB stick, I'm using a 1080p monitor running on HDMI, Motherboard only has DisplayPort and VGA, so I'm using DP to HDMI adapter. My apologies if I'm on the wrong forum. Any help will be appreciated.
  10. I have the mini tower edition, and quite the space for a full sized GPU. The PSU provided is 290W and it does not have any spare connectors so I need a GPU that works only through PSIe power. I'm looking through options like Zotac 1050 TI OC Gigabyte 1050 TI G1 and Gygabyte 1050 TI Windforce OC. I'll lookup each one and see which one works the best and if they match this PC's capabilities
  11. Are you saying such a GPU should work with my PSU? I live in Egypt and this is the only proper marketplace available for me: https://egypt.souq.com/eg-ar/graphics-card/s/?as=1 Thinking of buying a GTX 1050.
  12. Hello. I'm looking for a GPU that suits my Dell setup. It's an Optiplex 3020, here's the website's link with proper service tag code: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/servicetag/6sb4682/configuration Currently it has two HDD's, one's HD 500 gigs and the other is HD 1000 gigs. Two sticks of DDR3 1600mhz ram, Intel Core i5 4590, "Hitachi" DVD ROM (no clue what that company is but I can disable that if needed), and according to the website, a 95W heat sink. Can't access the PSU right now to confirm but sources on the internet say the PSU is 290 watts and it's kind of irreplaceable without attempting to screw up the chassis, and I'm not exactly that kind of risky considering I don't have the money to replace any of this if it goes bad. So, what are my options here when it comes to finding a new GPU? I was thinking a GTX 1050 to replace my current dying factory underclocked GT730 (absolutely abysmal piece of s***) but I really don't know what my options are with a limited PSU. Also keep in mind I'm not GPU expert so if you have better suggestions for GPU I can link the marketplace that I'm willing to buy from and see if I have a better option.