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  1. Thanks for the info. I’ll give them a call today and see what they say. Hopefully it’ll be an easy fix.
  2. I've tried Ookla and Xfinity's speed tests. Both resulted in a speed of around 72mpbs.
  3. That's what I'm looking into now, but the router/modem they gave me is designed so terribly that it's taking me a while.
  4. Mostly WLAN, but I tried over ethernet and saw the same speeds, which were about 72mpbs.
  5. You would think that the modem they offer is cabable of those speeds, but I could be wrong. I've been looking over all the different settings within the modem's control panel and I can't find much related to network speeds. I doubt the speeds are slow due to my device's bandwith limits because I'm seeing the exact same speed on all devices and I know for a fact that some of those devices are capable of handling higher bandwidth.
  6. I recently upgraded to gigabit internet through Xfinity and as part of the plan, they gave me a modem/router that they said could handle those speeds, however I have tested my speeds (both over Ethernet and Wi-Fi) and I'm barely touching 100mbps. These tests have been performed on a range of devices including a laptop, my gaming PC, an iPad Pro and an iPhone XS. The speeds are almost always identical and are only off by 1-2mbps every test. Do I need a new router/modem for these speeds or is there something going on with my service from Xfinity? I'm not too informed when it comes to networking, so any help would be appreciated.
  7. I’m having an issue with a SSD installed in my PC as a secondary hard drive. Earlier today I was playing The Division 2 when the game froze. After force closing the game I attempted to relaunch it through Uplay and noticed the game was missing from the ‘installed’ list of games in my library. I opened up file explorer and noticed that the entire drive was missing. I also checked disk manager and it’s not appearing there as well. I restarted my PC a few times and the drive still isn’t showing up. I opened up the BIOS and that hard drive slot no longer lists the drive as a Crucial MX500, but as “IBA GE Slot 0600 v1562”. My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z370N WiFi. Anyone have any idea on what I could do to get this drive to be regonized? Or is the drive dead and I’m SOL? Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone. Long story short, I bought a Blue Yeti mic less than a year ago, and it worked fine. I built a new PC and never hooked up the mic to it until recently, and the mic refuses to be detected on my new PC. After some research, I figured out that this mic does not like being plugged in to a USB 3.0 port and my motherboard does not have any USB 2.0 ports. I then hooked the mic up to another PC in my house that does have USB 2.0 ports and it still isn't recognized by Windows, and the mic mute light is not coming on. I've checked device manager on both PCs and the device is not showing up in either "Sound, Video and Game controllers" or "USB controllers". I decided to take the mic apart to investigate the mini USB port on the microphone itself and I don't see any issues. One thing to note, however, is that most cables I've tried with the mic have a "loose" connection with the USB port on the mic. Doesn't take much to pull the cable out. I've attached a few pics of the USB port on the mic. Am I S.O.L. on this mic?
  9. I need some help with moving the windows boot manager partition from my old SSD to my new C drive. Long story short I bought an m.2 SSD and installed Windows on it but didn't delete anything from my old SSD. Whenever I boot, I'm required to go into the bios, select the old SSD as the boot drive, and then when windows boots, I have to select the windows install on the new m.2 drive. Is there an easy way for me to move my boot manager from my old SSD to the m.2? Or should I format both drives and reinstall windows on the m.2 and essentially start from scratch? Note - The first pic is of the boot menu. As you can see, the WBM is on my old SSD. The second pic is of the screen I get when I choose the Windows Boot Manager partition in the BIOS. The Windows installation on Volume 2 is the one on my m.2
  10. Thanks for replying. I ended up mounting the CPU radiator behind the preinstalled 120mm fans at the front of the case with about 1/4” between it and the GPU. The GPU radiator is mounted at the top of the case. It’s a tight fit, but I made it work.
  11. Planning on buying a new mobo as well. Thanks for the radiator input, haven’t done to much research on this case. Also, do you know if that radiator is capable of being mounted at the front of the case? I need to install my GPU radiator at the top of the case.
  12. I’ve already dealt with that once, when I installed the current mobo and CPU. I’ll look into tying the key to my account. Thanks.
  13. Hey everyone. I have a Corsair 450D with an Asus Z370-A installed. CPU is cooled via an H100i V2. I also have a GTX 1080Ti FTW3 hybrid. I want to switch to a smaller case. I’m looking at the Corsair 280X, but I’m concerned about radiator mounting. Can I mount my H100i at the front of the case and my gpu radiator at the top of the case? I want to make sure it will all fit before I buy anything. Thanks!