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just that pc guy

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    the core of earth
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    computers obviously


  • CPU
    intel pentium 4
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    stock optiplex780 board
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    140gb segate with cru dataport casing
  • PSU
    300w stock dell power supply unit
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    main: asus widescreen, second: old gateway 1600×900
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    stock cooling
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    windows 10

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  1. well considering that linus did a vid on how all in one coolers arnt that much better than aircooled ones its really preference... to a extent dont get some unheard of aio cooler but as for heard ones that are from known brands, whatever suits you.... that being if you plan on doing some overclocking that 280mm radiator would help keep the fluid cool
  2. i keep on getting messages that say that my updates wont install i tried deleting the update cache and that didnt work kept on getting this message, just wondering if im not the only one and if this is a microsoft bug
  3. its a used drive, this happened when i was trying to copy a file and it was taking too long so i SAFELY cancled it and pulled the usb drive out, i went into disk management and now it reads it as raw rather than ntfs
  4. i was trying to copy files from another computer and it didnt copy correctly, i tried deleting the thing and it said some files couldnt be deleted, then i tried to format it and that didnt work, now everytime i plug it in i get this, yall got any solutions or is this thread just gonna sit in oblivion forever
  5. so i have a hp elitebook 840g5, and just recently every time i open up my laptop from it being asleep it wont turn on so i have to turn it off, and once i turn it back on the caps lock and one of the top function keys start flashing [most likely some error code] then i shut it off again and then it starts normally, so please help cuz this is ass
  6. so i saw a 1991 mercedes 500sl on autotrader for usd right for 4thousand usd, it has 101k miles on it and i was wondering what i should look for problems in the engine or anything else
  7. oh that makes sense, cuz it did have a replaced radio.. but why all this tech tho, it seems like a small chip could do all this work
  8. so im looking for a first car, saw a nice Mercedes on autotrader for 3grand, but as i started scrolling, i saw these 3 pieces of hardware, is it custom abs or something? [ps sorry mods if it isnt tech related, i didnt know where to put it :/]
  9. tried that and dont worry, i pried it out with a flat head
  10. ok so this thing is one of those slim designs where the ethernet port opens up, i plugged it into ethernet to download a game faster, it got done..... and now it wont come out, please for the love of god someone help me with this
  11. ok so update, now my notifications bar wont work... also i ran the integrity check and found tons of files that cant be fixed..... help?
  12. click on instagram, wont start, click on weather, wont start, click on xbox app (or aka xbox companion now) wont start, windows apps just wont start..... why, any of you got a fix to this?
  13. so im guessing no one knows about this error code
  14. so my optiplex 780 isnt broken really but after it wakes up from sleep it displays the 1 4 code for like 5 seconds than the disk starts doing the *tak tak tak tak tak* and wakes up like normally, but this 1 4 error code wasnt a thing before, anyone got a idea of its a warning rather a error? or if my disk isnt reading/writing soon enough? that would be great
  15. well thats good to know, you guys saw that my pc isnt exactly new so i thought it had something to do with that haha