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  1. What are a few preparation steps I should do to my original laptop?
  2. That would get the job done, the rest of your build is fine just make sure everything is compatible with each other.
  3. I wouldn’t recommend a rtx 2060. You would barely be able to run any games with rtx on. I would get a similar priced gtx card.
  4. Yea that should be more than enough I played arms 3 at max setting with i7 6700 and gtx 1070 getting around 30 FPS. Even though you don’t need one I would recommend a hard drive, they are inexpensive and could save some hassle down the line. Some games now like mortal Kombat 11 take 80 gigs. Just a recommendation.
  5. Thanks guys, I was also thinking about upgrading the screen too but that also could take more power. Could I just get a better battery or something, I usually have it plugged into the wall anyways. Also when I’m reinstalling windows should I do it before or after the upgrade?
  6. I’m upgrading my Alienware 13 r2 motherboard. The mobos both have integrated gpus and cpus. Original mobo has i5 4210u and 860m and I’m upgrading to i7 6500u and 960m. I wanna know if I’m suppose to reinstall windows or if it just won’t work. I’ve built a couple pc’s before so I’m no beginner but is there anything special that I need to do. Thanks.
  7. So I removed every thing, made a little makeshift test bench and found 2 sideways capacitors on my brand new mother board(just opened today) I’m assuming that’s the problem. I’m just going to return it and get a different one with better customer service. But thanks anyways.
  8. Yes, 24 pin connector has been reseated, 8 pin connector for cpu was reseated, and pcie 6 pin has been reseated... nothing
  9. Side note there is no usb power either. Motherboard is a ASRock x370 killer sli/ac. I haven’t reseated the CPU yet I want to try other things first. How do you update bios and i can’t tell if there is a indicator light, rgb heat sink flashes red?
  10. I just built my first pc. I powered it up and plugged it into my monitor, fans rev up... and then nothing happens. I rebooted a few times then it posted, I started to set the boot drive and then the bios froze, rebooted the bios froze again. Rebooted and the nothing plz help, I tried reseating the ram, I reseated the gpu, I tried a different gpu and still nothing. HELP
  11. Thanks guys, all I want to do is some video encoding and editing. I just want to know if it would ruin the whole system.
  12. Would the gtx 1050 ti bottleneck the ryzen 7 2700? Plz help.