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    i7 4770k @4.8Ghz
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    Asus Maximus VI Extreme
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    16 GB Corsair Platinium 2133 Mhz
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    2x EVGA ACX 780
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    Corasir 900D
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    Corsair 360 GB SSD & Seagate 2 TB HDD
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    Corsair AX 1200i
  1. Looks really neat! I hope they improve the build quality. I remember seeing iFixit giving it a 0/10 for fixibillity. The whole thing was glued together. This was of course the first gen or so.
  2. Don't be the dick that corrects grammar, when you don't even have proper grammar yourself. Though* Thru* Vision* Seriously dude, what the heck is "through"?
  3. How is this shit legal? This is seriously messed up! I hope people ditch comcast now. If not, other ISP's might do this as well.
  4. Shouldn't this be in the "troubleshooting" section?
  5. USB ports on the right side of the case.. isn't that a bit strange?
  6. Here is what to do if you don't like the stock cooler. 1) Take off stock cooler 2) Replace it with water cooling block 3) Done Now you don't have the ugly stock cooler!
  7. Sucks to be the top card. No air for you mister!
  8. I just hope that Samsung stops outlining things with that ugly grey border. It makes the phone look cheap and plasticy. Especially the home button. And I also would like if Samsung made the screen response time much quicker and realiable. This may just be me, but I can feel the difference when swiping on an iPhone and S4. This has probably something do with the iPhone having better OS optimization, and if Samsung could achieve the same look and smoothness of an iPhone, I am more than ready to switch.
  9. This looks really good! Where did you buy the copper pipes, and are those Bitspower Multi-Link Adapters (Just wondering if they were the same as normal fittings)? I sent a mail to Charles Harwood and he told me that in his display models he used 12mm OD rigid copper pipes, is this the same thing? Anyways this is really nice and I am really looking forward to seeing this finished! You're making me proud to be Norwegian.
  10. Exactly, couldn't agree more. If they stopped that motion and touchscreen crap, and brought back the classic controller, things would be better. And one thing that I would like to see is the good old Nintendo games coming back. Not remakes, but a solid Nintendo game where everything is made correctly. Zelda Ocarina of Time is a solid classic mainly because everything was so perfect. Everything in that game was original and made especially for that game. From the music to the in-game items, everything was made with a thought of giving the perfect Zelda feeling. This is why we have classic games such as Half Life, and so on. If Nintendo started to make good games again with this amount of detail and the thought of giving a good feeling, I do believe it should beat other consoles.
  11. xWhiip

    Project Mr. White

    Sounds like a fun and nice build! And not trying to be the douche that corrects your grammar and stuff, but that spelling mistake had me laughing!
  12. 11 pounds? What is that, like 6 kg? That's not heavy at all! Is this thing even made of metal?