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    Any suggestions for good quality DP cable ?

    I was under the impression that DP cables don't have versions ? Anyway, the Roline one was ~9 bucks.
  2. Hello guys, I recently purchased a Dell S2719DGF. After reading through various articles i found out that it can overclock to 155Hz but only with DisplayPort, which is not included in the box. I ordered a DP cable from the same shop, a Roline S3691-100, but the screen flickers at 155Hz/144Hz and the audio cuts out when this happens (headphones are connected to the monitor audio pass-through). After i switched to the provided HDMI from Dell, the issue went away. So what brand do you suggest for a high quality DP cable ? I've read around here that the quality doesn't really matter because the signal is digital and it either reaches its destination or it doesn't, but apparently it does matter. (maybe because it's 144/155 hz ? ) Thanks