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  1. The refresh rate is always constant - import and export is the same setting. What do you mean with speed? Its not possible to render over the GPU or accelerate over GPU with Magix and a AMD processor. Sadly. And still no solution at this point. AMD CPU's need a integrated GPU like Intels CPU's. Hmm i rendered with my Ryzen 1800X and get hours of encoding of just a 1 min video... But a 2700X has a integrated GPU so this is not a comparison. Which codecs supports hardware acceleration? I searched the whole world wide web and dont find a answer yet. H.264 is way to slow for my 1800X because i get not hardware acceleration. What files is Vegas 14 producing? The standard files are: .MOV .MPEG4 .MP4 .AVI .WMV .MPEGPS .FLV 3GPP WebM DNxHR ProRes CineForm HEVC (h265) Preview is always disabled.
  2. Hello dear people, I know someone who produces a lot of videos for Youtube. He uploads at least one video per week. For this he uses the video editing program 'Magix'. This program works great for him. He bought the license 'Video Deluxe Premium'. He got this cheaper in a sale. He has the following PC specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, GTX 1070 Dual OC (8GB), Asus ROG Crosshair VI Extreme, Intel 660p M.2 NVME SSD, RAM 16GB 2666Mhz Crucial Ballistix Sport Problem: He always has too little CPU and GPU utilization (see the reference video for details) and it takes far too long to render the videos. In my following evaluation, I have a standard video with different encoders and settings repeatedly rendered (for details, see evaluation). The following Magix settings are available: Encoder: purchased license 'Main Concept' encoder and standard encoder Audio in wave form in video Video standard 'PAL' encode without hardware acceleration: AMD CPUs do not have their own graphics unit (iGPU like Intel) and therefore can not be used for hardware acceleration (see any other forum entries). This is a well-founded statement, since it is already confirmed that with all video editing programs on AMD CPU's no hardware acceleration is possible. This phenomenon, which is not solved yet and maybe someday hopefully it will! This could speed up the rendering process (encoding, decoding) many times over! I have not been able to upload more pictures, but many others have the problem ... Test video (reference): MP4 format, full HD 1920x1080, 59.94 fps, video bit rate: 100,000 kbps, audio bit rate: 320 kbps in stereo -> comes from Dashcam 'iTracker' Test conditions: 2 Chrome tabs open, nothing else open to produce unnecessary load, CPU usage: about 1% without rendering. Execution: Picture 1: Test parameters and references Figure 2: Test parameters and evaluation of the finished video So these were my attitudes for him. Read it through well, otherwise you hardly check the diagrams. Results: Picture 3: Render times Here you can see that with the Windows Media Video Export the render time is much smaller (in comparison to the standard MPEG-4 export - first two columns). The standard encoder takes far too long. Although the Magix video export takes a little shorter but you can see in the evaluation in Figure 2 that the video quality is not enough for him. -> Windows Media Video Export Figure 4: File sizes of the test videos. Here you can see the much smaller video size of the WMV (Windows Media Video) export. This is especially important for his recourses (TBW an SSD is already high but still comes together a lot over the years). He always deletes the finished videos after the upload... :/ The WMV export is therefore well suited for an infinite data storage of its videos for a server / NAS. -> WMV export Fig. 5: CPU utilization (only for Magix video, not for complete system), read in Task Manager Here you can see that the WMV export has significantly higher, but fluctuating values for the CPU utilization. The CPU usage is a bit better for the reference, so you can prepare the next project next time. Who can explain the higher utilization here? That depends definitely with the encoding of the WMV's together? -> WMV export Figure 6: GPU utilization, always for maximum value (read in Task Manager) Here you can see that the GPU utilization for WMV export is slightly lower than for the MPEG-4 export. -> WMV export Remarks: The wmv files can also be uploaded with Youtube, so everything is fine! You may wonder why the spaces for the 10-minute reference video are empty, unfortunately I have not been able to create them yet. It's all about testing UP scaling. Are the render times / file sizes directly proportional to the 1-minute video? He usually produces 10-15 minute videos.... Sequel follows... Conclusion / Discussion: An optimal setting for shorter rendering times / smaller file sizes offers the following setting: MP4 Videos - MainConcept Encoder (Magix) - Windows Media Video 9 Export (Magix) - Decoder Complexity: Level 2 (live) (Magix) Under these settings comes out a perfectly acceptable video that is in no way inferior to the original in image quality and sound quality! He looked at the videos and said that it was like his last videos. I have learned a lot and can pass on much. So if anyone has problems, then read this post and share it with others! I am glad that I was able to help him and that he can produce videos faster by 1/3 !!! And believe me, that makes for precious life in a year! It is worth it! Thank you for reading, Your Tobi :) Links to the original german posts on different sites (Magix forum and Tom's Hardware forum) https://www.tomshw.de/community/threads/optimale-parameter-f%C3%BCr-magix.1293/ https://www.magix.info/de/forum/optimale-einstellungen-in-magix-fr-krzere-renderzeiten--1226428/ I'm sorry, the images are in german, but you can understand the graphics if you look to the encoder.
  3. Hello, I have a simpel problem: I want to use excel solver for more variables than equations. I understand how the solver works. And also I have a quadratic equation in it. For my example i have 10 variables and 3 equations. So i set the solver to my data and let it run. NOPE!! Solver is dumb and can't create a solution. The solution it creates is bullshit and i checked it: It creates not the right solution i set as 'IS'. Is it me that i don't see my mistake or is it actually impossible to solve this huge amount of variables I know the t-solution-system in which you can manually (by hand) create solutions for more variables than equations. I tried also simple linear equations in excel: 2 equations with 3 variables - check 2 equations with 6 variables - OOPSIEE So my trial and error system doesn't works for my original problem: a quadratic equation system with 10 variables and 3 equations. So downloaded OpenSolver but this tool only supports linear and simple equations. The other models i can't download and install it in there (expect one of you guys can teach me). --> All in all excel failed hard and i don't trust excel anymore. So i tested R. The big statistic tool! You can do optimisation with the functions: optim() optimx() --> newer So i learned in many hours how this works BUT: No one ever has done my original example: A simple equation system with more variables than equations. I searched the entire WWW. Each forum, each help site, each university pdf, ALL!!!! Now... I'm frustrated as hell and i need external help! Please help me!! Thank you so much for answering!! And please DON'T tell me that it just works!! Ok?! I don't want this type of help! I also want as much easy programming language as possible. Im a newbie a lot... THANK YOU!!!
  4. So you used " instead of '? Yeah i tried that but my excel still stays dumb... Could you actually help me or do you just write something down and say: 'iT wOrkS fOr mE'.... Sincerely, A intelligent man
  5. I searched in other forums (7 different forums) and websites (a lot of them, included office.com, etc) and a lot of other websites, BUT: I still have the problem with this funcion: =if(A1='D'; 3; 0) It shows me everytime a error: Excel says me to edit it to: '=if...' But this is dumb. My solutions, which i tried: ''D'' D (with space) ´D´ --> Not working, Excel still dumb. Help?!???