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  1. Hello, I have a simpel problem: I want to use excel solver for more variables than equations. I understand how the solver works. And also I have a quadratic equation in it. For my example i have 10 variables and 3 equations. So i set the solver to my data and let it run. NOPE!! Solver is dumb and can't create a solution. The solution it creates is bullshit and i checked it: It creates not the right solution i set as 'IS'. Is it me that i don't see my mistake or is it actually impossible to solve this huge amount of variables I know the t-solution-system in which you can manually (by hand) create solutions for more variables than equations. I tried also simple linear equations in excel: 2 equations with 3 variables - check 2 equations with 6 variables - OOPSIEE So my trial and error system doesn't works for my original problem: a quadratic equation system with 10 variables and 3 equations. So downloaded OpenSolver but this tool only supports linear and simple equations. The other models i can't download and install it in there (expect one of you guys can teach me). --> All in all excel failed hard and i don't trust excel anymore. So i tested R. The big statistic tool! You can do optimisation with the functions: optim() optimx() --> newer So i learned in many hours how this works BUT: No one ever has done my original example: A simple equation system with more variables than equations. I searched the entire WWW. Each forum, each help site, each university pdf, ALL!!!! Now... I'm frustrated as hell and i need external help! Please help me!! Thank you so much for answering!! And please DON'T tell me that it just works!! Ok?! I don't want this type of help! I also want as much easy programming language as possible. Im a newbie a lot... THANK YOU!!!
  2. Tobi_96

    Excel if-function with text

    So you used " instead of '? Yeah i tried that but my excel still stays dumb... Could you actually help me or do you just write something down and say: 'iT wOrkS fOr mE'.... Sincerely, A intelligent man
  3. I searched in other forums (7 different forums) and websites (a lot of them, included office.com, etc) and a lot of other websites, BUT: I still have the problem with this funcion: =if(A1='D'; 3; 0) It shows me everytime a error: Excel says me to edit it to: '=if...' But this is dumb. My solutions, which i tried: ''D'' D (with space) ´D´ --> Not working, Excel still dumb. Help?!???