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  1. TheFlyingMonkey

    CM Silent Fans 120 Si2 or CM Masterfan 120 Air Balance RGB

    Alright man
  2. TheFlyingMonkey

    CM Silent Fans 120 Si2 or CM Masterfan 120 Air Balance RGB

    Have you heard about the brand Aigo ? Aigo Aurora RGB this particular model ?
  3. So i'm looking to get some budget case fans and came across this two options One is a 4 in1 pack Cooler Master Silent Fan 120 Si2 and the other was a 3 in1 Cooler Master Master Fan 120 Air Balance RGB Which one would you recommend to get ? I'll be using a Cooler Master MB510L casing just incase if this info helps in suggesting some options as well
  4. TheFlyingMonkey

    Is the CoolerMaster Silent Fan 4-pack good ?

    just to add on my question, i'm not planning on keeping it long term, saving up to get some better quality ones in 2/3 months time, so this is just for temporary usage.
  5. So i want to get a budget non rgb fans for my MB510L case. Came across this fan while scouting. Is this any good ? https://www.primeabgb.com/online-price-reviews-india/cooler-master-r4-s2s-124k-gp-120mm-case-fan/ Also if you have any suggestions of case fans with a budget do recommend please.
  6. Looking for a simple case without RGB is totally fine, if it comes with a fan then it's a bonus. Suggest me some cases that i could get for less than $50
  7. TheFlyingMonkey

    Is 500W enough for my build ?

    I went for a FSP Hydro GE 550W 80+ Gold, Fully Modular psu
  8. TheFlyingMonkey

    Is 500W enough for my build ?

    Alright man I'll look into it. Thanks for the help
  9. TheFlyingMonkey

    Is 500W enough for my build ?

    It's a Coolermaster Masterwatt
  10. TheFlyingMonkey

    Is 500W enough for my build ?

    Soo... I'm planning on a new build right now. i7 8700 2x8GB DDR4 Arous b360m Gaming 3 RTX2060 ASUS STRIX 240GB SSD 1TB HDD My question is, does 500W PSU suit the build or need to get higher ?
  11. Because i can only get one now. If i get the i7 8700K now I'll be running it on a b360m mobo for like 3-4 months before moving to a z series
  12. That's why I'm saying I'll only OC the 8700K after i get the Z series mobo.
  13. I have a b360 mobo, m.2 ssd, 8gigs ram and a rtx2060. I'm planning to get a cpu that could last me awhile. I first thought of getting the i7 8700 + an additional 8gigs of ram due to my mobo not being able to OC. When i checked the pricing, the price to get a 8700 + 8gigs ram is the same as getting a 8700K. If I'm getting the 8700K i will upgrade the Mobo and Ram in 3-4 months time.
  14. I do have a m.2 ssd ! I'm using this rig for gaming only, no video rendering or any high performance tasks.
  15. I'm not planning to OC now cause obv I'll be using it on a b360 chipset mobo.