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  1. thanks bro i ended up buying the 83A since i am mainly going from TN to IPS. I cant wait till it arrives tomorrow !
  2. I am trying to decide which monitor to buy between these 2 - LG 27GL83A - LG 27GL850 I will be upgrading from a tn panel which is my old reliable AW2518H , i mostly play fps games (RB6,CoD) but lately i have been playing games like the witcher 3, Dying light, assassins creed, and etc. And i have noticed that those games don't look as nice as when i hook up my PC to my 4K t.v. but i also do not want a 4k monitor, 1440 seems like the sweet spot for me. So i was wondering which one of these 2 would be good for me since i am just going to be using it for gaming and youtube. I have done some light research and some people say that the 850 is better for photo editing and stuff like that, but i will probably never do that so idk which one to pick unless the 850 gives me a better gaming experience.
  3. lol, nah man its my old stuff i upgraded to an I9-9900K and 2080, he has never had a gaming PC or a PC in general so im surprising him with it. and yes i want to future proof his PC in case he upgrades.
  4. Hey guys just need some quick help on which psu i should get. i am building my little brother a PC that has a I7-8700K and a GTX 1080Ti - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WDLTGC1/ref=dp_cerb_2?th=1 - https://www.amazon.com/Seasonic-SSR-850FX-Modular-Warranty-Compact/dp/B073H3ZZQZ/ref=sr_1_13?crid=2TSLO9TFFZUTI&keywords=evga%2Bpower%2Bsupply&qid=1574465926&sprefix=evga%2Bpow%2Caps%2C200&sr=8-13&th=1 thanks again for the help !
  5. AAAYYYYY !! YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING G's If there is a heaven there is a special spot for you guys ! Lol it worked ! Thanks so much for helping out a newb like me aha
  6. Kay i put all 4 in and i got the boot failure
  7. Kay i did what you told me too and it didnt fail, now i will try putting all 4 in and see what happens brb
  8. Kay i will try 1 and 3 and i have the gigabyte aorus master and i cant do that as i dont have anymore thermal paste lol but i know for damn sure i seated the cpu good.
  9. It says 4.32 on all of them Yea, i have tried manually doing alot of things and i would always get a boot failure i watched so many youtube vids too. But i switched out the pair and its running fine too.
  10. Hmmm before i go back to best buy ill switch out the 2 in there to the other pair brb..
  11. I just put an I9-9900K So what i am planning to do is just go back to best buy and get the 3200 mhz 2x16 32gb version of this same ram and pay the 6$ difference lol
  12. Okay so i bought 4x8 32gb ddr4 corsair vengeance rgb pro and was running at 2133 mhz but i wanted the 3000 mhz so i went to enable XMP as soon as i would click save and exit i would get a boot failure even if i manually did it (see first pic) But then i got frustrated and said F it ill take 2 of the ram sticks out, so now its 2x8 16gb and i just enabled XMP and bam ! It actually worked ! Now my ram is running at 3000 mhz (see 2nd pic) Now my question is, why does the 2 ram sticks work but not all 4 ? I have seen ppl post up that they are running all of they're 4 ram sticks to there full speed.
  13. Im so confused sorry i am a newb but is there any vids you can link that can easily help me.
  14. I have an aorus master mb and i looked up how to get my ram up to 3000 mhz from 2133mhz and saw that you just click on XMP in the "easy" mode bios and it should be good to go but i keep running into a problem where the PC wont boot. And it seems that it still staying at 2133 what do i do guys ?
  15. Yea, i know its a bit overkill thats why im happy to just get 32 gb also i am going to test if there is that much of a difference if not ill give my brother a pair of 2x8 since he is in the process of building his own PC too.
  16. ahhh okay i was kind off confused because i saw youtube vids of ppl using all 4 slots with a 9900K so i was lost. and also i dont plan to go any higher than 32 GB should i still go for 2x16 or 4x8 ?
  17. oohhh so why does my board have 4 slots ? if only 2 can be used ? and with knowing this should i get 2x8 3200 mhz or 2x16 3000 mhz ?
  18. what does that mean as i am sort off new to all this sorry does that mean i can only have 2 ram sticks put in and not 4 ?
  19. so i just bought a new motherboard and cpu (aorus master and I9-9900K) and was wondering if i should buy the corsair rgb pro ram 2x8 3000 mhz cl 15 and buy it twice so i can have 4x8-32 gb because there on sale on best buy. Or wait until there is a sale on 2x16 ram. I would be upgrading from this - https://www.newegg.com/geil-8gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820158237?Description=geil 2133&cm_re=geil_2133-_-20-158-237-_-Product Also i mainly game on 1080p and watch youtube or twitch on my PC.
  20. This is the only way i was able to make the standoffs align by making the preinstalled iO shield "overlap" the cutout.
  21. I just bought a gigabyte z390 aorus master MB and i am trying to just put it in my nzxt h700i case but the standoffs are not aligning and i cant screw it down. Had no problem with my old MB. I think its the pre-installed IO shield that the master comes in. I have tried pushing it in but any more force i think ill damage the board. Some align some dont.
  22. ohh okay makes it easier for me thank you ! but care to explain why not ?
  23. why so ? i heard that the bios is crap but, i am only planning to overclock just once or twice just to boost the 9900K and probably never touch it again.
  24. I am planning to buy a I9-9900K and i am looking to buy a motherboard with it but cant decide between these 3 listed below. - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HCXT591/ref=emc_b_5_t - https://www.amazon.com/GIGABYTE-Z390-AORUS-LGA1151-Motherboard/dp/B07HS4PQWK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=aorus+motherboard&qid=1571366645&s=electronics&sr=1-1 - https://www.amazon.com/MSI-MEG-Z390-ACE-Motherboard/dp/B07HM3M86B/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=msi+meg&qid=1573160668&s=electronics&sr=1-1 (the gigabyte one i saw from a review by gamer nexus saying it was pretty good but that was awhile ago) Also i mainly game on my PC if that is any help
  25. The gigabyte aorus master it was guys saw a gamer nexus vid and i liked what i heard thanks again guys!