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    In my opinion, Nvidia Inspector is the best overclocking tool. The reasoning for this is because Nvidia Inspector lets you change the voltage with any card. My graphics card is the GT 730. This overclocking utility lets me overclock with ease, and gives me a lot of information about the resources and the information about the driver and the card. It is like CPU-z or GPU-z but it is more functional, as it lets you overclock. So my overclock on the gt 730 is 250 MHZ on the core and 300 MHZ on the memory. The voltage is at max, otherwise, it would be very unstable and would crash. Nvidia Inspector is just more functional than MSI Afterburner, Precision X, and Palit Thundermaster as it lets you overclock the main parts, and it lets you tweak the voltage. Did I also mention that the fans also are faster? No, I didn't I don't even know why I even asked such a rhetorical question. In conclusion, I believe that the best overclocking utility is the Nvidia Inspector.
  2. HiItsNotJimmyItsSomebodyEl


    Okay so I downloaded this program called Simple System Tweaker, that was supposed to make my computer faster. But then i noticed weird things like my computer saying weired stuff. I immediatly noticed that it said like "preparing Local Manager" or something like that and wierd registry names that i may have seen sometimes in Regedit.exe. But this didnt happen before i installed the program. I also noticed that literally all of my games were crashing! Besides Roblox. I had NO idea why this was happening so i went to CCleaner. (which is a great application for boosting your system and also diagnosing issues". So then i noticed that in my registry cleaner there were like 1000 issues. This NEVER happened before i used Simple System Tweaker. That means that whatever you do, backup your drives (because i didnt back them up and now im screwed ). Dont make the same mistake i made