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  1. i just bought a new motherboard on ebay for 17$
  2. i cracked it open. does this solder look connected? the one looks weird. i tried touching a screwdriver to it, but that didn't do anything. i looked at the laser through my phone camera, the laser is not turning on at all. i'm not sure how to know if it's dead, or disconnected.
  3. razer naga 2014, was having tracking issues forever so i finally decided to clean it with 70% alcohol. it fixed it! but then 2 minutes later the tracking completely died. everything else about the mouse still works perfectly. i think i used too much alcohol and didn't wait long enough for it to dry and shorted something? is there any hope in bringing it back to life?
  4. $100 PLUS $60 or whatever for the 330w dell power brick
  5. does it not say this for you?: Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.
  6. yeah those are cool. HDPlex 400w looks like a really good option. basically a better pico psu. but it's just really expensive, and maybe not enough power
  7. dang, was hoping that'd be the solution. what you said is a bit beyond my comprehension. do you have a link to a guide on doing something like that?
  8. maybe i could like sand the plastic around the connectors down so it's not such a struggle to unplug them. if that'd work that sounds like a decent solution
  9. i don't have a case yet because i don't like how big or expensive they all are. i've been using my pc for about 2 years now with no case at all, lol. considering 3d printing one to fit the hardware perfectly. but idk what to do about my obese PSU i currently have a SFX PSU, not too small though because i heard the fans are loud
  10. i'm building a tiny pc. the psu is huge. i've considered HDplex with the 330w dell powerbrick. but it's expensive and hard to find and maybe not enough power. i think it'd be really nice if i could simply have my psu external to the case! BUT the dang connectors are so difficult to unplug. i have a modular psu. i'm using only 3 cables in total. the big mobo one and two 8 pins for the cpu and gpu. do "quick release" connectors exist? or anything that's easier to unplug, or maybe a diy solution but that sounds unsafe. any ideas?
  11. farzher

    Wireless headsets?

    oh, interesting. I'd definitely prefer bluetooth, but i didn't even realize there were non-bluetooth wireless options. i'll check reviews thx!
  12. farzher

    Wireless headsets?

    I'm looking for a wireless bluetooth headset (not headphones! (i want a decent mic!)) Everything I find is just mic-less headphones. What are the (most popular / any) wireless headset options?
  13. Too many games are team based, so I can't play them competitively without people I like anything competitive. Currently I'm playing battlerite & overwatch I can compete with the best. I was ranked #1 in the world at WoW arena 2v2 when I played ^^ I'm not sure if there's anyone competitive here? but it's worth a shot!
  14. These cases sell for $450-$600 on ebay. If you're lucky enough to have one, you might want to consider selling it
  15. there's dell, alienware, msi, etc 120hz displays also on ebay