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  1. So i ended up trying those actually, (friends have both) and I wasn't a fan personally, what I ended up doing was going to my local best buy and micro center to try out their headphone offerings, I ended up picking up the Audio Technica ATH M50xBT bluetooth headphones, they actually have a standard 3.5mm jack so my modmic fits good, plus I can use em as normal BT headphones when not gaming Thanks for the Suggestion though! much appreciated.
  2. i guess its possible that I might have clicked one accidentally and not noticed, or maybe when the soundblaster control panel started up maybe it auto-selects something
  3. Really? when I did it it improved pretty drastically. voices and music used to sound muffled and now they sound a lot better. Maybe im losing it, lol
  4. So, been fiddling around with it a bit ( no major gaming test yet, my mouse took a dump so im waiting on a new one) but so far its really quite impressive, I undervolted the CPU a bit more then the OEM did to get a bit better temps and battery life, I average anywhere from 6-8 hours of general use browsing the web and watchin youtube videos. I also used it for the main reason I was looking at it: photo editing with Lightroom: I was able to edit a large catalog of photos doing some fairly in depth editing and didn't burn much battery, according to windows battery estimate It could do that for about 4-5 hours, and Id belive it, it did get a bit hot during this and the fans did kick up, but it was actually pretty well behaved as far as noise and temps go. If you do end up getting this laptop, UPDATE THE DRIVERS, Eluktronics has a list on their site, it improves a lot of things quite significantly, most noticably the speakers, they were garbage out the box, but a quick driver and software update and they are muuuuch better. if you wanna know anything else lemme know and i'll look into it.
  5. Hey all, I am in search of a pair of headphones that are compatiable with the V-Moda Boompro that are travel friendly (folding preferred but okay with them just being fairly small too.) I'd prefer over ear but id settle for on-ears if theres nothing else available. thanks for any help
  6. Ima bookmark this thread and I'll let ya know, cause I ordered one of em. Got the 32gb 1660ti model cause I didn't feel the 2070 upgrade was worth the extra heat
  7. Sort of looks like a K-Mount for Pentax to me, but it also looks similar to a Nikon F mount. Im sure its one of the two becasue of the slot drive I see for AF. whats the brand, focal length and aperture of the lens. I may be able to identify it by that information
  8. Canon usually puts pretty good preamps into their cameras, the only realy downside with the videomicro is that you can't turn down the gain, Forcing you to try and turn down the preamp in camera. So any noise that is there has to be removed with a bit of post process editing. I use mine with an olympus camera, which has a fair mediocre preamp, it dumps a lot of static into the recording. And using a bit of editing in audacity I can pretty easily remove hiss. heres how thats done: A dedicated recorder like the Zoom will have better audio, but then you will have to sync them up in post. Not terribly difficult, of course, but it is an extra step. plus plugging the zoom into your camera will still have the hiss from the cameras preamp show up regardless, so you'd still have to remove it should it prove bothersome.
  9. I second this reccomendation. I own the videomicro personally, and for its size its great!
  10. Min around 7-8 if possible. would also be nice if they manufacture has some sort of "quick charge" for topping off real fast, but not a requirement. one thing to add as well, though I wish i didnt have to specify this, Id like to have a full size sd card reader, a lot of the newer premium laptops are getting rid of them, and id like to be able to not have to carry a sd card reader dongle
  11. From the US, Budget up to around 1500 freedom units, but can go a little higher if needed, i'd be willing to forgo some weight savings for better battery life, but don't wanna haul around something that weighs almost as much as my desktop.
  12. I was thinking of this model specifically https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/xps-15/spd/xps-15-9570-laptop/DYCWB1647H
  13. Hello, new user, long time lurker. I'm on the search for a new laptop for Photo and light (mostly 1080p) video editing. I've had my eye on the XPS 15 9570 for awhile and I'm stuck on wether or not the 4k screen is worth it for the battery life penalty. I'm posting to see if anyone either; has this latop or suggestions that may be offer better specs or features. Thanks in advance.