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  1. yeah sry shouldve edited it. for the cpu, it sits around 80 degrees when gaming. its not a problem though as long as gpu doesnt get past 70 degrees.
  2. Max temp for my gpu? EDIT: My MB is Gigabyte H97M D3H
  3. Im just trying to make sure my cpu has nothing to do with this problem so that i can trade it. its such a dumb problem so im not trying to fix it i just worked around it.
  4. i mean when im gaming and it reaches 70, its alot lower idling
  5. yeah i know. but if i dont open msi afterburner when i start my pc and it reaches 70 screen just blacks out. i think its my motherboard vrm but im just guessing.
  6. Ok guys so im trying to trade my i5 4590 for an i7 4770 but i just want to know if my cpu is safe to sell or not. So my PC has a biig problem. When my GPU reaches 70 or so Degrees, the screen turns black and my pc keeps running so i have to hard reset it. But i worked around this by manually adjusting my fans so that it doesnt reach 70 and now it sits at around 67 degrees. I dont know if it can be a cpu problem but im just asking if my cpu is %100 clear so that i can trade it knowing that it works.
  7. Is this normal? I also installed NFS Heat today and again CPU and GPU usages both hover around %80 and %70. even though my cpu doesnt max out its still bottlenecking. games are playable but still i just wanna know if its normal Specs: RX 570 Pulse i5 4590 Win10 (fresh install) 12G Ram
  8. i know this sounds dumb but my pc used to crash everytime after my gpu passed 73 degrees or so in every game i used msi afterburner fan control so that it never passes 70. sure fans get up to %60 but still it NEVER crashed once. i know that 73 is not that much... but still works i dont know why Edit: also... i had problems with my ram 2 years ago. even though it passed memtest it was still faulty. yours are of much higher quality though
  9. When i play a game it stays at 1170 mhz and not 1280 which is the stock clock. But the temperature is 63C all the time. When i increase power limit and fan speed to 50% , and oc it to 1440mhz it maxes out at 65C so why is it throttling? should i just keep the power limit high all the time?
  10. OMG!!! I FOUND THE PROBLEM! Its a heat issue! even tho the rx 570 was max 74C when the case was closed, when i opened the case it immedeately dropped to 63C and it stays there and doesnt crash!!! i dont know what was overheating though since the cpu and gpu temps were fine. maybe its the hdd or the motherboard?
  11. guys please help. I changed my 1050 ti to an RX 570 and my pc crashes under full load (PC was working perfect before). Tried changing power supply and outlet. tried putting it into another slot (PCIE 4x) and uninstalling drivers with DDU. Only decreasing power limit to -30 in msi afterburner and undervolting solves my problem. but i want my card to reach its full potential help. Specs: RX 570 Windows 10 12GB Ram (4x4x4) i5 4590 Gigabyte H97M D3H Motherboard Thermaltake Smart 500W RGB/ Zalman ZM-700LX (old one)
  12. okay did some testing and ive figured out what makes the crash happen. it happens because of sudden load or power change. thats why when i alt tab or exit the game my pc crashes. for example im playing a game at borderless window and gpu watt is at 157W and i alt tab its still 157W but when i exit the game my pc crashes. if i fullscreen the game and alt tab it goes from 157W to 30W and my pc crashes. i let bf5 sit for 15 minutes and nothing happened until i alt tabbed