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  1. LGA 1150 socket mobos are pretty old so you could probably buy one that is OC capable for cheap
  2. GPU upgrades are required sooner so I'd go with the 2080
  3. You did the right thing, if you feel you didn't get rewarded for your honesty and good character just wait, the universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you'll get rewarded right away but sometimes you don't and thats okay. Just have to remember that good deeds are not always rewarded by those who did the good deed for/to, if you helped an elder cross the street they may not thank you, but next thing you know you're at a restaurant and the server brings you a dish for free that they made on accident. Be patient and hopeful, take care.
  4. You have to enable XMP profiles, I had the same issue but after I enabled and restarted the system it was running at full speed
  5. What is a free application that works best for monitoring CPU and GPU temps along with RAM usage, VRM temps etc.
  6. I just had the most annoying time installing my cpu and heatsink for my very first build. first, the heatsink wouldnt sit properly, i made sure the backplate was protuding enough but it just wouldnt sit right. second, I removed the heatsink in order to try replacing it AND THE RYZEN 2600 LIFTED OFF WITH AND STUCK TO THE COOLER ...while the retention arm was in the locked down position. This isnt the first time this has happened when i was a kid it happened to me while repairing my old computer. so it took a lot of concentration to unstick the cpu from the bottom of the heatsink. then after 6 or 7 attempts of reseating the cooler it finally screwed in.\ my power supply is being delivered tomorrow so ill have to test it out then but my temps are gonna be so high lol. We'll see though..i wanted to aftermarket cool it anyways.
  7. this is a first build and itll be annoying if i got the pc built and the usb wont work or something..damn eh
  8. I just tried running the media creation tool and it says error cant install on the device....the usb is a 32gb corsair survivor
  9. Everytime I run windows 10 creation tool it downloads, installs, and then says error we couldnt run the tool on this device....im using an asus ux305 laptop, there are no problems with the internet, and the usb is a corsair survivor 32gb. I tried it 2 full times...I really need this to work cause Im going to build on tuesday and I need the operating system edit: https://www.amazon.ca/Microsoft-Windows-Pro-Flash-Drive/dp/B01019TDJ8/ref=sr_1_3?crid=37AT3RPFA3E89&keywords=windows+10&qid=1555276197&s=gateway&sprefix=winows+10%2Caps%2C285&sr=8-3 what if i buy that ....im pretty sure its fake but amazon support is good
  10. can you twist them off or do you have to use a screwdriver to rearrange them
  11. the h500 has preinstalled standoffs, but are they in the matx or atx configuration?
  12. the 1660ti with new drivers will now support ray tracing, so will it work in bf4?
  13. I'm assuming it doesnt really matter but if I buy two of them and connect one with hdmi and the other with display port, it should be the same right? cause im pretty sure display port can run even 4k
  14. I just read the comments of an unboxing video of the monitor and it comes with one hdmi cable and one power cable...will the hdmi cable run 1080p at 60hz just fine?
  15. I tried searching online but didnt find anything on which cables come with the benq GW2480