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    London, England
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    Web Development
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    Always working and looking for the next big challenge. Currently in the Armed Forces and studying BSc Computing and IT (Web Development), will be moving onto MSc Computing (Cyber Security) next.
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    Armed Forces


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    Intel® Core™ i7-9700K - 8-Core
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    32GB DDR4
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    GeForce® GTX 1080
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    Samsung 4k Monitor
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    Alloy FPS
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    Pulsefire Surge
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    Sound Blaster X - Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones
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    Windows 10

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  1. Xeaoz

    User friendly Java books for beginners?

    Yeah, I agree. I'm learning Java as a module on a course i'm doing, but as i'm working towards full stack web development, i'm using more Python and Javascript.
  2. Xeaoz

    User friendly Java books for beginners?

    I would personally also pick some thing else as a first language, but like @DrMacintosh has said.. it still isn't that bad. The book by oracle is pretty good, it's called a beginners guide or some thing.
  3. Xeaoz

    Need help with irql_not_less_or_equal BSOD

    With out you providing a bit more information, it's hard to help. There is this video online, that might help you.
  4. Xeaoz

    Recommendation for compact travel mechanical keyboard

    I use the, Hyper X - Allow Fps Pro, i'm sure it will be more than compact enough to travel with.
  5. If you can't afford one, then you can't buy one, it's as simple as that. Keep saving and wait until you can afford it.
  6. Xeaoz

    Semantic UI

    I did find it in a different folder, if you look closer you can see there is "semantic" and "semantic-ui", but there appears to be something wrong with the npm install, as there is a lot missing. I have just gone back to using the CDN for now. Thanks for the help.
  7. Xeaoz

    Semantic UI

    Hey all, I'm looking for some help with Semantic UI, I used the NPM to install it. The read me says to redirect the link to... <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="semantic/dist/semantic.min.css"> <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.1.1.min.js" integrity="sha256-hVVnYaiADRTO2PzUGmuLJr8BLUSjGIZsDYGmIJLv2b8=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> <script src="semantic/dist/semantic.min.js"></script> But if you look at the files it installed, it appears to be wrong, also I can't seem to find "Semantic.min.css" to change the link? Has anyone had any experience with this?
  8. Xeaoz

    Bluemic snowball issue

    I do in fact use this microphone, you will just need to change the sensitivity on the program you are using it with. Edit: On discord just change your activation in the settings menu. My keyboard is next to my microphone and the sound from the keys does not activate the microphone, just my voice.
  9. Xeaoz

    Distance Studying

    You still have tutors, online tutorials, forums and your entire degree group. Technology is amazing. I'm not sure what you mean by this. I'm talking about the Open University, which is in England.
  10. Xeaoz

    Distance Studying

    The degree is of course accredited and is no different than a traditional degree. Yes, there is that downside when talking about the subjects you mentioned, but there are 100 more subjects that are perfect for distance studying and specifically, computing is ideal.
  11. Xeaoz

    VPN Question

    Booking from different geolocation will reduce the price of your tickets. There is a lot of videos out there.
  12. Xeaoz

    VPN Question

    If you think you need one, then go ahead. Your computer specs are not important though. Reasons to get one: Stay secure and protect your data Bypass country blocks, such as copyright material on news websites Can save you money when booking holidays and flights Change your IP/ location at a moments notice Reasons not to get one: Slows down internet speed Inefficient if you don't know how to use it A lot of companies are starting to use anti VPN software
  13. Xeaoz

    Distance Studying

    Open University / Distance Studying Background I think firstly the best way to start this topic is by giving you all a little bit of background about myself (stay with me), as I think it's relevant to this topic. During all of my early years of learning and up to the age of around 18, this is around the time I eventually dropped out of college. I was never very good at studying the conventional way, I could never spend much time sitting in front of a whiteboard learning the traditional way. I would rather have stayed at home, trying to grind level the high levels on Diablo 2 (Diablo/ Baal runs, if anyone remembers doing that) and then moving onto World of Warcraft when it was released. This had a bad impact on my studies and made me think throughout my entire life, that I would never hold any high qualifications. I left schooling with the following qualifications: Maths - C English - C Science - D Business Studies - C All the others below a D grade, so not really worth anything. I spent the next couple of years doing boring jobs that I did not like, but later on, I joined the British Armed Forces and moved on to become a submariner. Open Unversity / Distance Studying Moving onto the main reason I wanted to write this topic, I want to encourage anyone that left school with little or no education to check out whatever their version of distance learning is. In England, it's mainly Open University. I was informed by a friend, without previous qualifications, I could apply to study for a degree, so I checked out their website and found this to be true. I always had an interest in computing and tried to self learn a lot of subjects, but never stuck with it, as there is so much to learn. So I enrolled on a 360 credit BSc Computing (Web Development) full degree. All I can say is this has been life-changing. I study in my own time and it's up to me how much I want to study. My first year I completed the following modules with these results: Introduction to Computing and Information Technology - Part 1: Distinction Introduction to Computing and Information Technology - Part 2: Distinction Technologies in Practice: Distinction Discovering Mathematics: High Pass (80% just missed out on a Distinction) I'm currently studying: Web Technologies Object-oriented Java Programming Algorithms, Data Structures and Computability Managing IT: the why, the what and the how Learning a new subject was scary to start with, but the feeling of achievement you receive after completing a module, there is nothing like it. The cost of my entire degree will be around £18,000 - £20,000 which may seem a lot or not much depending on where you live. It is still cheaper than going to a traditional university here in England, as you can be charged £9,000 a year and you can use student finance and pay nothing until after you finish your course, and earn over a certain amount. lastly, I just want to finish off by saying, if you are like me and gave up on education, please look into distance studying, I can't recommend it any more. I will be moving on after this to hopefully complete a Masters Degree in computing, which is not bad for someone that left school with so little education. Never stop learning.
  14. Xeaoz

    How much should I charge for it?

    Like others have said, your applications would need to do more than what you have said if you want to charge for them. These are pretty basic and easy to code.
  15. Xeaoz

    How to add ASCII files to XCode?

    Out of interest, as a few hours have passed, did you find and fix the issue?