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  1. Now who would want windows back? can the windows boot manager boot Linux (the non-uefi one and the uefi one?) will it work cross-updates?
  2. based on your picture I asume its a camera that outputs analog video, you could maybe use a USB AV grabber (also known as EasyCap) they come with a STK1160 or similiar IC. Linux has drivers/modules for these. But I asume you can run openWRT on it or have root. if you broke the onboard camera, I dont think you can replace it with a random camera you got from somewhere. these surface mounted (CMOS?) camera's come on a sertain bus, probably CSI (like the RaspberyPi uses). totaly depends on what kind of cmos sensor is used and if the Linux kernel installed has the required modules/drivers. if you have root/openwrt, you might be able to use a video grabber. or check if that module you shown, is actual USB (but I gues it was ment for car front or rear video recording, power, video, audio and ground leads) So I dont think you can do what you want. if you broke the onboard camera, a direct replacement for that cmos sensor is what you need for the best succesrate...but its realy dificult to solder such tiny devices. (aka imposible without smd soldering experiance)
  3. You mean it isnt too powerfull? because if you can add any local storage or am fine with setting up a DHCP server that redirects to a ftp server or nfs, any cpu can be made to run almost any os and application. What you probably mean to say is, that thinclients commonly have very cheap but working cpu in them for terminal like applications, start word, browse the net, and store the information on a local network only. look into netboot if you cant fit a local storage device. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NetBoot) But I think these thinclients come with either SATA (for laptop sized harddisks, they commonly dont provide any or enough power for a full sized desktop hdd (can be hacked tho)) IDE (older models) or CF card. I have a couple that have the older laptop ide (pata?) connector with a "SSD" card, 5gig windows xp embedded. Ideas: Network printer/scanner (connect the non-networked devices on this thinclient) or a NAS (using its usb ports) a save internet station for the mom or grandparrents. Home automation, add some weather reporting devices arround the house and make em report to your thinclient wich will host your private website with charts and meters (maybe a nice older monitor). maybe a combo of some of these ideas. Playstation2 modded can load games of a network storage, maybe load some games on a hdd and let your thinclient host these games, maybe your wii can even load stuff of the "samba" server. anyway, experiment.
  4. Fail alott. dont be afraid to fail. like @Mira Yurizaki sais, begin small. maybe fix some puzzles but "practise makes perfect" no language is the best to begin with or the only tool for the job. youll start to see other languages have benefits too. just start slow and small. accept it when a goal is said to be too big, but anything that works is a great accomplisment for you (even if others dislike it or give feedback on how to improve it).