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  1. System Specs: Custom Build OS – Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.10 – Dual Boot x64 bit Age – Aprox 7 years old CPU – Intel i5 4670k GPU – Radeon R9 280x MB – GIGABYTE Z87X-UD3H PSU(OLD) – CORSAIR TX 550X PSU – CORSAIR RM 650X Hello good people. I’ve come to you for help in saving an old computer. Back story: From the start, the computer always ran just fine, except for an occasional blue screen. I started noticing some weird power behavior not too long ago, where, sometimes turning off the machine would result in it automatically turning back on again. Not a big deal. And then I started getting these strange crashes with a grey screen and vertical lines. I never managed to figure out why, and I didn’t pay them too much attention as they would only happen ever so often. About 4 months ago, my PC randomly switched off, without any reason at all. In fact at the time I was merely browsing the web. Naturally I thought it was my PSU gone bad, so I just replaced it ( see system specs ) After that everything seemed to be running appropriately again. At least for a while… I started getting the vertical line crashes again, this time more frequently, I lowered the clock speeds on my GPU and that seemed to minimize the issue. Also suddenly my secondary monitor started jumping and twitching like an epileptic. Weirdly enough, I could fix this by reinstalling the GPU drivers each time I booted up the machine. But that wasn’t the end of it, just until about a week ago, my pc started randomly shutting off again. This increased in frequency until yesterday, where I was playing a game and it turned off again. Only this time it wouldn’t turn on again. What’s strange to me though, is that some times It will turn on and immediately turn back off again. But other times it will turn on completely and won’t boot, I get a b2 error code ( or 62 not sure ) So my general thought is that I need to replace my rig. But maybe there’s still some hope for it? Any thoughts?