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  1. I'm so oblivious to house phones, I didn't know there was really even such thing. I've never owned my own house phone and always just used whatever my parents had as a kid, so, yeah. I'll check bestbuy right now. So I guess my next question is, would a different coax hookup (the one in my room) change anything or have issues switching the modem to this particular hookup than the one downstairs?
  2. Okay, so I find myself in what seems to be a brainless situation, although there's one small issue. So my modem is directly below my bedroom, in the living room. I don't run any routers and can't really drill a hole in the floor for a hardwired connection. I can connect on 2.4 and 5 (5 is pretty inconsistent) but I want to hardwire my laptop and xbox and get the most out of what I have. Now, the funny part. I have my own coax output in my room and should be able to just move everything up here, I think? Please correct me if im wrong now and I can just disregard the entire thing. Moving on, this isn't my house but nobody would have an issue with the modem being up in my room, it's the stupid landline telephone that's hooked up to it. That phone has to be in the living room and is connected directly to the modem (comcast btw). This seems like an issue that can be easily solved, but is so specific I need an actual person to suggest what I do rather than finding a guide on the internet. Only thing that I have thought of myself would be added a wireless router downstairs specifically for just the telephone which seems really stupid and a waste of money, if that's even a possible option. Any ideas?