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  1. I'm glad I'll be firing on private land this weekend, family owned. Both of my long guns probably make any Fudd rage.
  2. I guess, but a 1911 in anything but .45 ACP just feels wrong.
  3. I'm not sure how well he'd handle a .45, he was just calling the M&P Shield (9mm) trash with its recoil
  4. Yeah and you can say the same shit about Nerf guns. Doesn't make them close to real firearms.
  5. Because airsoft and real guns don't really behave the same Anyway, why the 19X specifically? There's plenty of other Glocks you could choose from.
  6. That case can hold a 315mm GPU, and according to Gigabyte the length of that card is 280mm So it shouldn't have any issue fitting
  7. Either way it's still not worth getting, confusing box aside.
  8. Well first off that box shows it's Bronze, not White. Anyway at that price point I'm not sure how much I could trust it, is that new or used?
  9. Don't know what the price is but those PSUs aren't really worth getting.
  10. Do you really need either of those cards? I use a 1080 Ti and it's still an excellent card.
  11. I'm pretty sure XP only wants your product key, I don't think they had anything deactivate based on hardware changes.
  12. Aimi

    Upgrading to 144hz

    Provided you can 1. Reach 144+ FPS 2. Actually notice the differences in FPS/refresh rates Then yeah you'll see some difference
  13. A Windows install (or really any OS install) shouldn't change anything regarding your BIOS. Why do you need to wipe all your drives though?
  14. Aimi

    New monitor

    There's more than one Ryzen 5, which are you running? 4 GB is also kinda low on a GPU for 1440p.