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  1. Ok, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, if so I'll move it to where I'm told to do so. To the point, I'm having the problem of the system not properly booting up on the first try. So when I turn it on, it passes the motherboard model logo, gets to the Windows 10 logo, but doesn't show the spinning white dots, and instead just goes black. The computer doesn't shut down, it's still running but what it's doing I have no idea, the monitor reports no signal. On the other hand after a restart the system boots up without any problems. The button for restarting the system does keep flashing during both startups, but if there are any differences I don't know because I don't know what they mean, if that even relays important information, so I haven't paid particular attention. If someone knows what they mean, I'd pay attention and report it. The relevant system information is: Ryzen 5 3600, MSI B450 Tomahawk Max, Windows 10. If any other component or information is needed, I'll of course to provide it. Thanks for the help, and I hope you all are doing well in these troubling times.
  2. That ... is actually a very good question. It's not that I'm mad (although that is debatable), more so just plain stupid. Since there are sub forums dedicated to each component, I genuinely thought it would be a better idea to separate everything that way. Also, since there are quite a few things to ask for everything it seemed better to split them into smaller bits, than to post one big essay. And lastly, although it's not that meaningful, it seems like every few days something important pops up that changes things. I.e the ssd that appeared a few days ago, the emulation question, and I just saw the difference between 60 and 144Hz and affordable monitors appeared out of the woods. So yeah, honest mistake and I was pretty stupid (still am though), sorry. I probably won't make another post even in the build section since I've already posted too much in my opinion, especially since I've been postponing the build since February because of various annoyances popping up. No, I haven't ordered anything yet, I'll probably start tomorrow or the day after so I can get everything pretty much at once. No I'm not from the US. Ultra wide monitors here start from $1000 and that's just waaay too much. Hey, an answer to the original question! I'm just kidding of course. As far as i can see the monitors available to me aren't listed on that site, and I honestly have no idea which monitors to use as a comparison to get a rough idea of what to expect. Thanks though!
  3. Yeah I heard that too Still, the only max board available is the tomahawk and it's cheaper than the rog f, so I think I'll go with that one. Thanks!
  4. I totally get what you mean, honestly can't wait to be done. Though I kind of want to stay away from any strix models just on principle. I dislike rgb and just think they are overpriced, but it's just a preference. How is that board working for you, any problems or smooth sailing?
  5. I'm not from the US so unfortunately that drive you recommended isn't available here.
  6. I'd rather not to be honest. I've already delayed too long, and my current PC is just frustrating me far too much. While it would probably be nice to have the newest generation of motherboards, I kind of doubt they will come with anything too important, at least for me. Good to know, thank you!
  7. Hello to everyone! Trying to finalize my build, hoping you can help! I'll be completely honest right out of the gate, I know almost nothing about monitors. As such, it would probably take me way too much time to come to a decision on which model to buy, and I'm kinda short on that at the moment. I will of course do my own research but your help and advice would really be very much appreciated. The specifications that I want are 1440p, 27", IPS or VA, under $500 and there are 6 that fit that bill. They are : $350 Lenovo L27Q-10, $446 AOC Q 2790PQU, $464 Benq PD2700Q, $475 Iiyama ProLite XUB2792QSU-B1, $489 HP Z27n K7C09A4 and $500 HP Z27n G2. Also, there are also two monitors currently on sale, both of which are 144Hz and since they aren't too expensive I've added them into the pot. They are the $490 Samsung LS27R750QEUXEN (no FreeSync) and $557 Acer Nitro XV272UP (has FreeSync). My friend got the Acer one today and it was the first time I could check the difference between 60Hz and 144Hz, and it is noticeable. Does anyone have or has had any of these monitors, and if so, what were your experiences with them, and would you recommend any of them? Thank you to all who took the time to read this thread, and more so to all who also replied!
  8. Hello to everyone! Trying to finalize my build, hoping you can help! Before, I was trying to decide between the Crucial 500GB MX500 and the Samsung 500GB 860 EVO. I was leaning more towards the Crucial because it costs less, with the only downside being the lesser TBW warranty which isn't that important anyway. However an ssd has appeared recently, the Kingston 500GB A2000, and it costs less and is an NVMe ssd so it has 4 times the read and write speeds. While I do understand that chances are very high that I will never actually make use of speeds that high, having the option is kinda nice. Does anyone know more about this ssd? It seems like way too sweet a deal. Thank you to all who took the time to read this thread, and more so to all who also replied!
  9. Hello to everyone! Trying to finalize my build, hoping you can help! First, I would like to make sure of one thing: are the AMD 5700 and Nvidia 2060 Super more than enough for 1440p 60FPS on high settings? From what I've seen they are, but I'd like to check one last time before I make the purchase. Second, since I'd like to play some console games, while also not having mountains of cash to throw around to buy said consoles and all the games I want to play, I'd like to use an emulator and have some fun, and later on when I do have the money buy the ones that are worth it. From most of what I've seen people recommend Nvidia's gpus over AMD's, since in most cases it has close to double the FPS, however a lot of this is from at least half a year ago, more often a year or more. Does anyone know more about how things stand now? Where I'm at, the 5700 costs $50 less than the 2060 super and the 5700xt. Since the option of playing games with an emulator with solid FPS is more appealing than extra performance that I doubt I would make use of, and there are no guarantees of support for AMD gpus improving, I'm leaning more to the Nvidia option. Thank you to all who took the time to read this thread, and more so to all who also replied!
  10. Hello to everyone! Trying to finalize my build, hoping you can help! Looking for a motherboard to go with the Ryzen 5 3600x. Before, my first motherboard choice was the MSI b450 Tomahawk, but since quite a few people reported having problems with it and 3rd gen Ryzen, and MSI themselves decided to roll out a refreshed version of the b450 lineup, I decided to wait a bit for it. Now that the MAX board has arrived, the Tomahawk MAX is my first choice, but there is something I would like to clear up. Does anyone know how stable the current bios for it is (Version 7C02v33) or even the previous one? Also, does anyone know how stable the x470 Gaming Pro and Plus are, as well as the Asus TUF x470 Plus Gaming, and whether they have problems? They cost more yes, but if I'm being honest I'd rather pay a bit more for lessening the risks involved. Thank you to all who took the time to read this thread, and more so to all who also replied!
  11. The lack of buttons on the Pro is kind of a plus for me since I don't use any of them anyway, but if I had them maybe I'd start using them. The things I need to check about it is how it fits in my hand and if it's too light. The G502 is very silimar to my previous mouse, excluding the programmable buttons so I guess you could call it my default option. Big thanks to all of you!
  12. I think 1440p 60Hz costs pretty much the same as a 1080p 144Hz, maybe a little more, and those cards should be good enough for that combo. If I had to pick between a higher refresh rate and higher resolution + bigger screen I think I would go for the latter.
  13. I have a rough understanding of what rtx is, I was just wondering if what my friend said about the performance hit on hardware without rtx support was true, but it seems it isn't. The way he explained is roughly that lighting, shadows and reflections without rtx is implemented one way, and with rtx in another way, and that later on developers will only implement rtx which will cause hardware that doesn't support it to suffer. Something along those lines at least, don't lynch me for my ignorance. And ray tracing to me is really meaningless, since I can't even tell the difference between having it on and off. So if it makes no difference down the road, I'd rather not pay the premium for it. Especially since even right now performance with rtx on isn't very good.
  14. My choices were the G403, G502, and G Pro. Never considered the MX Master but I'll check it out, it costs the same as the Pro. Sadly there aren't any Corsair peripherals here so I can't check them myself. Thank you for the advice!