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  1. Yeah that's the general consensus but are reds really that big a difference? Longevity wise?
  2. Thanks for all the tips man and yes I'd go with new drives. I'm very happy with wd to be honest, never had a drive fail from them (not the same as for Seagate) but anywho. Okay I was thinking on running them raid 1 so that I have a backup of the drive. Okay thanks I've heard plex can really hammer your cpu for the encoding tasks specifically with 20mbs data stream. Sorry Mr moderator for the wrong groups, it's been a while
  3. Good day to all from far and wide. I'm planning on building a home server. I've been considering freenas as the backbone of the build. My build is as follows. i5 3470 Some msi atx motherboars honestly can't remember the exact name. 2x 4tb wd blue drives 16gb of ram And a 500w antec pcu. Now I have a long list of questions. How much should I worry about vibrations in the pc case for longevity of the drives (using an old pc case). Should I worry about cashing and maby add a 120gb ssd in the build? I'm planning on using it as a picture backup and a plex movie server. All recommendations are welcome and any advice going into such a project
  4. I did rufly the same thing maby look into a arctic accelero cooler, I have the same card and temps have dropped to max 57c at 1000rpm
  5. Good day to all I'm just curios really on who has tried the new msi auto oc option and those who have, what oc did you get and how was your experience?