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  1. Thanks! I've seen videos about replacing burnt up thermal paste from bitcoin miner GPUs, so was just wondering. But if the temps are good than no need for me to worry!
  2. Hello friends. So my rig includes a used (from Ebay) GTX 1070 TI, and I've been doing some thinking. The GPU was released a little over a year ago, which doesn't exactly mean much for age... but when would be a good time to re-apply thermal paste? Should I even bother? Game temps run the card from 50c - 70c, but as I understand that is not horrible.
  3. XPI Sigma

    Do I need integrated graphics?

    Thank you all for your help! I think the reason why I can't see the integrated is because it was "disabled" by the motherboard automatically. Because windows still showed up before the GPU was even installed. Thanks again!
  4. XPI Sigma

    Do I need integrated graphics?

    You guys are awesome! Incredibly helpful. So a couple things. I may as well have integrated graphics, since it won't do anything negative, only help if my gpu decides to *fart sound* As for getting the integrated graphics to begin with, I can't find it anywhere! It wasn't in the driver list, either.
  5. Hello everyone! I recently built a new computer, featuring an i7 8700k, and a GTX 1070 TI. I noticed during driver installation, there wasn't anything about an integrated graphics driver. (the mb: https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/TUF-Z390-PRO-GAMING/) I know very well that the 1070TI can handle gaming, however, would having an integrated graphics installed do anything at all? Would it take the strain away from the GPU during gaming, or would it not matter because the processor has to deal with it anyway? Other than that, I have a lot of ports (PCI-E of many types) to use. Would it benefit my computer if I were to have a dedicated (but weak) GPU just for handling Windows 10, and non-gaming things? Or does it really not matter too much in the end? In a nutshell: -Would an integrated graphics driver help take strain away from a single GPU -Would having a dedicated (cheap) gpu to fill a PCI-E slot be a nice alternative to integrated graphics -Does it even matter?