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  1. Try pulling all power cable and all video cables for 30 sec then plug them back in ? This worked for me when I had a similar issue but I dint have an extension block so not too sure.
  2. In rainbow I'm getting some stutters and 1 second freeze every now and then but it puts out 100-160 with frame drops to 30 Apex: 126 average Division2 :100 average
  3. Cam from nzxt is that reliable ? I got the idea from Jay's two cents it was a decent way to keep track of PC vitals.
  4. Im not sure what to do here while I play siege, Apex,division 2, and pubg my CPU will not go past 2010hz and can reach 80% CPU usage is this normal? Iv tried setting my power settings to high performance. In task manager it shows my CPU reaching 3.9 to 4.1 ghz. Am I being paranoid or is something not right? I'm new to PC gaming I just put my rig together mid February I just want to make sure I'm getting my moneys worth.
  5. So if changed my power settings to high performance and while gaming I'm showing 1997- to 2005hz on my CPU but when I pull up task manager it shows my CPU go back from 3.90 ghz to 4.0 this dosnt seem right. Am I missing something?


  6. It doesn't its spiked as high as 90 and sat at 1997 a few times on seige
  7. Ok. I just wanted to make sure that was normal every now and then itll spike up to 80% ussage so I thought it was odd. I'm still trying to figure out gaming on PC Thanks
  8. So I'm just noticing that while running apex and pubg with my CPU temp and ussage information up that it shows my frequency is 2021hz? Is this normal? If the stock speed for a 2600x is 3.6hz Wouldn't it show in game 3600hz? I use the Cam overlay from nzxt. Cpu: 2600x (non oc) STOCK COOLER MB:MSI X470 GAMING PRO CARBON RAM: CORSAIR VENGEANCE (3200)
  9. Not near my PC atm otherwise I'd send you a picture of it if need to see more of it I'll reply with mine. As of right now though it's not different from that at all besides actually having the hardware inside
  10. Mines stock 3 in the front for intake one in the rear for exhaust all 120mm