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  1. How about that question on graphic card on laptops? is there any temperature or noise problems with quadros on laptops?
  2. I'm looking for a laptop. Main use: Work Programs: AutoCAD, REVIT, Naviswork, Infrawork, Civil3D, Office, Chrome. Must: numpad; battery time; "professional looking"; quiet I'm not sure about a dedicated graphic card, in my last experience with laptops I learnt that graphic card is igual to temperature issues.. I'm not looking for a high-end working laptop, so I'm ready for some sacrifices in pro of a budget product, I'm not looking for: Display size, 4k, touch, rgb, tablet-mode; The main question at this point is the balance between computing power for the programs and the mobility/budget product that I'm looking for. Hope you guys can help me. Also, is the first time that I post here, so be patient Thanks