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  1. yes thank you. not at the exact same time. one before another.
  2. 90% cpu util, 90% gpu util. is there a gpu or cpu bottleneck or both? thats what he is insisting.
  3. yes. there will always be atleast a weak bottleneck between a cpu and gpu. but not both can bottleneck each other at the same time right?
  4. thats what i said sir. thank you. will show him this thread later.
  5. that was his stand. not mine. and im trying to enlighten him.
  6. His original argument was. He asked me to try to play Battlefield 1 on a core 2 duo and gt 210 pair and check if i will not experience gpu and cpu bottleneck at the same time. I replied that the setup is just not good enough for the game. Am I the one whos right or him?
  7. Good day everyone. My first time to post here please bear with me. I want to ask this for myself and also for my "friend" I just had a debate with. Is it possible to have gpu bottleneck and cpu bottleneck to happen at the same time? Replies will be much appreaciated. Please feel free to correct me if I have done something wrong. Thank you!