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    Boot Speeds With SSD?

    Hello LTT Community So I recently installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro on my new 240gb Apacer Panther SSD. I decided just now to test my boot speed to the appearance of the lock screen and I was rather surprised with the results that I got. Here is how I conducted my tests: Restart Times are from the moment I press the Restart Button located in the Windows Start Menu (Software) Startup Times are from the moment I press the Power Button located on my PC Tower. (Hardware) My Results: 1st Restart (Fast Boot Disabled) 36.45 Seconds 1st Startup (Fast Boot Disabled) 16.86 Seconds 2nd Restart (Fast Boot Enabled) 41.32 Seconds 2nd Startup (Fast Boot Enabled) 17.30 Seconds My simple question is. What does fast boot actually do? I would think it would be in the name but from the results that I have gathered when I turned on fast boot in my BIOS my system had worse boot times. And lastly what options in my BIOS may actually help me speed up my boot NOTE: I didn't do any extensive testing and some of the timings will come down to human error. My SSD has a write speed of 300mb/s Thanks.
  2. Hello LTT Community. This is my first post on the forums here. I want to have some files encrypted but I want these files on Drive A to only be accessible if Drive C (USB) is connected. I feel like having this sort of physical security cause it feels interesting. I want to run this in a command line preferably but if there happens to be a program that allows this I would be very grateful if someone could redirect me to it. Thanks all.