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  1. Right, so I'm not at the stage of looking for components yet, since I expect I'll be going for X570 + ryzen 3000 something and ... well, we'll look into that once they are actually for sale. However, what I am looking for is a office/executive/writing desk with a cabinet big enough to build inside. Since I will effectively be ruining it, it'll be something used, and probably bit beat up requiring some touch ups, as random example something like this: We'll see how much the miser in me is willing to spend. The question is, what should I be looking for in it? Easy option would be to just get one big enough to fit a case, and some fans on the side, since the case fans will be pointlessly placed once inside there. I am leaning towards something big enough to fit a case inside, since I can already foresee how annoying it'll be working inside a cabinet to screw things down, or even just insert components or cables. Also something with legs as in picture so you can get easy airflow through holes drilled to the bottom... And from my previous experience of building with wood for computer case, I recall it's much easier to have some parts of a case to have easier time to attach components in anyways (that was 17 years ago, but I assume things have not changed much) Other than desk specifications, I'd love some tips on cases that can be easily be taken apart, in a way that might allow most of the components be reused. Fans will not be a problem to relocate I presume, but dust filters, drive bays? can the be attached some other way than intented, if one decides to move them out of the case. Can they even be removed? (without angle grinder, which is an option but one I'd prefer to avoid) Just generalisation is fine at this point, if there's some case manufacturer that does the modular approach better than others, since this is one of the few things I'd happily get used... A lot of this turned out to be me finding solutions in the process of writing this out but I'm sure there's a lot I have missed still, so any tips are welcome.