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  1. Well, looks like Xeon 3200DP (and lower Ghz) or Xeon MP 7120 is supported by chipset? Don't know about motherboard. But that's it.
  2. Hi, I got my hands on very old working complete Supermicro chassis with this socket-604 motherboard: https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon/E7501/X5DP8-G2.cfm I do not plan on using it on anything or spend money on it, because of it age/power-wise, it's not worth it. Just tinker with it a little bit and find some information about it. I just want to ask, if anybody has idea about compatible CPUs list, or what's theoretical best CPU? I can't find anything about it. Does it support Xeon MP 7100/7200-line (Dual-cores)? Does it also support socket-603 Xeon CPUs? Or Xeon 6400 6-cores? Supermicro only mentions maximum frequency and maximum catche. Thanks for reply.
  3. 6300 + overclock. Some people are Ok with this setup, CPU is max. in 90s %(But some people have FPS drop even with this CPU, CPU is 100%, maybe RAM size/speed/power supply). So it depends. Better to get FX 8000/9000-series. (Power supply upgrade?) Or cheap Ryzen 1 + AM4 + RAM combo. Nobody should buy FX series in these days, anyway. You got better upgrade path in future. Choose FX if you got only very tight budget or can't wait to save more.
  4. LG 34UM69G-B: Amazing IPS panel. It's not grainy if you are working from more than 40cm. For productivity I would not choose curved monitor (In graphic design they change proportion of straight lines).
  5. Hi, got working server with LGA771 motherboard from 2007 for free - X7DBE, rev.2 (Dual CPU), 3x redundant power supply (SP762-TS 760w) and 7gb of RAM for free. There was Xeon e5335 in one cpu slot and other cpu slot was empty. Which budget xeon to buy? Pair of E5450 and overclock it? Any other suggestions? I am in process of cleaning it and putting it back. I have put several PCs together, but never had server in my hands, so it's new learning curve for me. Wish me luck. Thank you.