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  1. Alright tried it. Im starting to think its something to do with memory or something as it usually happens after PC has been running for a while
  2. It shows as an actual FPS drop ingame. I disabled V-sync in Nvidia panel as someone said it could be the issue.
  3. Most likely not, but I cannot say 100%. I use chrome alot and tend to never close it fully as I either keep facebook open or perhaps email etc. So I am starting to think it is a chrome issue, but I really do not want to change my browser.
  4. Weird. I saw that the memory was at 50-60% mainly on google chrome. I closed chrome and stuttering was still there, but when I re-opened chrome it stopped. Now it is not stuttering at all. I do not have tons and tons of pages open at the same time normally when it happens (right now I do as I try to find a fix, but not normally). So google chrome is somehow involved, and/or the memory?
  5. I opened it but I cannot see anything that reflects any stuttering, but I am also not entirely sure what to look after. I am re-installing drivers now, but I had the fully updated drivers already.
  6. Windows is re-installed a few days ago, it didnt do the trick. Do you have any tips on how to update and re-install drivers? I am not very good at that, so it might help.
  7. Do you mean what I am doing on the PC? If so, normally browsing on Chrome, but it seems to always start after I quit a fullscreen game such as Dota 2 or Apex. I highly doubt its the screens, I tested one 60hz, one 144hz and one 240hz together with my main 240hz screen, and I get the issue on all of them. I can see on testufo that my hz isnt 240hz so something weird is up but I cannot figure out what. I tried different mice also just to try and same issue still. Only thing that fixes it is a restart.
  8. I still didnt restart yet so the stuttering is still happening right now if anyone has something they want to test to see if it fixes it. It is most noticable in games such as CS:GO where your crosshair placement is important and you focus on that. As you can see in the video its not just a small stutter its very visible.
  9. I have i9-9900k CPU with 2080 RTX GPU. I use 1920x1080 resolution. The problem does not seem to fix itself unless I restart the entire machine. I still am not sure as to what triggers it, when I had one 240hz and one 60hz what normally triggered it was when I played a video on the secondary screen. But I tested that today with the new 240hz dual monitors and it worked fine, but after I played Dota 2 for 10 mins and closed the game, the stuttering started. So I dont really know what causes it to start.
  10. Hello, Ive had this issue for a long time now and cannot find a solution. I have 2 240hz screens both connected directly into GPU with DisplayPort cables. At the start its all fine, I can watch videos and play on fullscreen on the other screen and do whatever, but after a while and I close a game it starts stuttering like crazy, I can feel it on the mouse pointer on the desktop just by dragging it left to right. I recorded a video of it on CS:GO here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44kPD77Ci5g&feature=youtu.be I used 240hz screen with a 60hz, and it happened there, but I got told it was because of the difference in Hz so windows struggles. Now I bought another 240hz today and it still starts to happen after a while, and the only thing that seems to fix it is by restarting. I run www.testufo.com and it seems to stop at 230 hz but its unstable so it still seem like some Hz issues with the monitors. I am at that stage where that I am willing to pay for a fix if anyone can help me. Thank you.
  11. Yeah been searching my ass off myself. I feel like the only solution is to buy another similar montior, but its expensive as hell.
  12. Yeah it seems to be a known problem but I am yet to find a solution, thats why I try here.