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  1. It's really not bad mate? I've got 2 of em and had em for over a year. They're cheap and reliable (for me atleast) as long as you get them for a low price, its fine. They're not the 'FASTEST' out there but they've been able to get sustained write speeds around 350-450mb/s so..pretty damn fine. And btw (the a400 is metal and the bx500 is plastic, not sure if it rly helps but just saying) P.S (I've got the Crucial MX500, BX500, and 2x a400's) The mx500 is by far best but i haven't found and BIG speed differences between the bx500 and a400). Peace out!
  2. Hey man, this is sooo cool. I'm just wondering, was your sattelite on the 'Look Ma, No Hands' Electron rocket? The one that launched on the 19th of august? If so, i just watched it and it was really cool
  3. It once again, "should" be enough if it's only obs running when you stream.
  4. Yeah, you probably wanting him to reply aswell but i'm just gonna add, i was able to use the ndi plugin to stream at 720p 60fps when using the pentium g4560 (2 cores, 4 threads) and a celeron g3930 (2 cores, 2 threads). I lost my celeron machine to a power surge but it worked well
  5. Yep I'd say that a 1070 or an rtx 2060 would be good for the ryzen 5 3600 build whereas for the ryzen 9 3900, i'd say somewhere around the rtx 2070/2080 range. Maybe an rtx 2070 super or something. If you're going to do sli though, i'd say two gtx 1070's (or ti's) for the r5 3600 and 2 rtx 2070's (or ti's) for the r9 3900.
  6. Yeah, in that case it "should" work fine. Lemme know how it goes for you when its done
  7. Well how much do you have to spend on the cards? From my own experience, it seems better to use nvidia cards as...they just seem to have less issues aswell as the cycles renderer really likes cuda cores
  8. It "should" do fine for 720p 30fps, that is if you are using obs ndi or something. My thoughts are that you are gaming on your main pc then outputting the stream to the secondary. I'm able to stream 720p 48fps with a pentium g4560 (and gt 1030) aswell as obviously playing the game.
  9. It depends on what u want to do. The gtx 1050ti is decent for 1080p medium so the only reasons to upgrade would be if u want more fps/higher settings or if you're starting to do 3d modelling then a new cpu would probably be needed.
  10. The phone i've got is the Oppo A3s with 3gb of ram and 32gb of storage. Im starting to run low on storage (i've got 3gb left but im starting to experience slowdowns) so im gonna get a microsd card. On Oppo's website, it just states that has expandable storage up to 256gb (im guessing via microsd). Im wondering though if it support the SDHC and SDXC formats as it doesn't mention on the website (or atleast i didn't see it). The microsd card im looking at is this: Silicon Power 32GB Elite UHS-1 microSD Card So the question is if the sd card will work properly? Thanks And extra question, whats better? This: SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-I Class 10 microSDHC Card or the one i already mentioned first?
  11. Is this meant to be rhetorical or...?
  12. Generally, even if it already has an os on it, it should still be visible...i've reformatted ssd's/hdd's that already have the os on them and it has worked fine. I think it might be something to do with the firmware that dell puts on it (maybe?)