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  1. Dan O

    Unusual PC Starting Problems

    He's tried different power outlets around his house, nothing. Other stuff powers just fine from those outlets.
  2. Dan O

    Unusual PC Starting Problems

    I was reading online to see how heat (natural) affects power, and people say it increases resistance in power circuits. We live in Australia, and we are having quite hot days at the moment since it's summer. This is the first summer the his PC has been through, and he lives in a small house with 5 sisters and his two parents. He's going to try unplugging his GPU and trying to power it then.
  3. Dan O

    Unusual PC Starting Problems

    no new appliances, should he try unplugging his GPU, case fans and other unnecessary components and try to see if it powers?
  4. Hi,I have a friend whose PC is having some unusual starting issues.It starts all the time at my house, in any power socket, but at his house, it does not start at all (regardless of the power socket).Motherboard lights come on at both our houses when plugged in, but when the power button is pressed on the PC case it does not start at his house.The PC used to start just fine at his house, but now it doesn't start at all (with the exception of the motherboard lights when plugged in)The powersupply is Corsair CX450, it has no switch on it to toggle between power voltages.CPU - Ryzen 3 1200GPU - MSI 1050tiMotherboard - Asus ROG STRIX B350-F GamingWe tried starting the PC without and with a monitor connected at each house, doesn't make a difference.Any suggestions?Thanks