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  1. vladafkv

    RX 580 wrong clocks

    Found solution on other forum. Card had mining bios so it was solved by flashing factory one. Cheers
  2. vladafkv

    RX 580 wrong clocks

    I bought this GPU (used): https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/sapphire-nitro-rx-580-special-edition.b4912 Model: Sapphire Nitro+ 8GB Special Edition SKU number: 11265-21-20G Both 8pin and 6pin connectors are in. The clocks should be at 1340/2100 speeds but they are not. Here are the screenshots i took while running furmark in the back: BIOS 1 (left position) https://imgur.com/a/RRrApqe#IXhBYev BIOS 2 (right position) https://imgur.com/a/d5RksBd#JHV0Szl What do I need to do to run this graphics card at factory speeds?Rest of the config:Ryzen 5 1600Strix B350-FCorsair LPX 8GB 2400MHzCorsair RM750x
  3. So im ordering H500i right now and I want to buy some additional fans for it. Can I buy any rgb fans and use them in CAM software or do i need to buy NZXT Aer fans?
  4. vladafkv

    Help me get the right PSU :3

    Thats old tier list my friend. This is a more recent one: Get something from tier C or better.
  5. vladafkv

    Can my PSU run RX580 Nitro+

    Got Corsair RM750x for 85e brand new. Store price is 130e. Pretty happy
  6. vladafkv

    Got an Rtx 2070

    How can ram, especially 16gb, bottleneck the gpu?
  7. vladafkv

    144hz Monitor

    No. You need at least $200 for the worst 1080p 144hz monitor
  8. vladafkv

    144Hz Freesync vs non Freesync

    What? Why do I get screen tearing on my 75hz freensync monitor if fps is higher than 75?
  9. vladafkv

    Which Rx 580

    Nitro+ and nothing else
  10. vladafkv

    550W PSU Suggestions

  11. vladafkv

    Is 1060 6gb worth?

    I dont know if we are allowed to talk in any other language besides english. RX580 is slightly better, cheaper and it also has freesync compared to nvidia. Nitro+ is the best version and i would look for that instead of asus or anything else. Just be sure your psu can deliver 250w to the gpu
  12. vladafkv

    Is 1060 6gb worth?

    Im from Serbia and Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 4GB is 100eur while 8GB version is 130-140eur.
  13. If those are your only options, go for the i5 and b360. i5 6/6 is better than i7 4/8 and you are upgrading from the that crap motherboard.
  14. vladafkv

    Corsair 570x/460x E-atx

    It does but i think it will partially cover cable holes.
  15. vladafkv

    Can my PSU run RX580 Nitro+

    Here is the list Corsair TX550M 75eur (store price) Bitfenix Whisper M 750W Gold 75eur (the guy only tried it and wants to sell it, its new. Maybe I can get it even cheaper?) BE QUIET! Straight Power 11 550W 102eur (store price) SUPER-FLOWER Leadex Gold 550W 104eur (store price) SEASONIC Focus Plus 550 Gold 550W 85eur (store price) If not one of these five, which one would be better? I will OC my CPU, thats why im going with 550W and not 450W. Just to have some room