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  1. jake9000

    Discord Purge Has Begun

    This is more likely in regards to the recent Unicorn Riot leaks rather than porn sharing.. Discord does not want political dissidents to organize on their platform. Keep in mind they are venture capital funded and operate at a loss -- this kind of thing being in the news cycle can break their business. Don't forget: correlation attacks are a bitch. Below is an excerpt from the FBI complaint against a member of Lizard Squad. They had checked for connections to a particular twitter account, and then worked backwards until they found a particular Comcast account that just so happened to be connecting to a vpn service at the same time that twitter account was being used. This is the same strategy used to nail down Tor users. If you live in a five-eyes country you should not assume that whatever you learned about proxies back in 2005 still holds true.
  2. jake9000

    PC spy/monitoring program

    A lot of my clients use ActivTrack. I've never messed with it beyond installing the agent, but the first 3 users are free and it's completely undetectable. It's good for productivity monitoring but it isn't a live camera. If you actually need to gather data on somebody Veratio 360 is the big guns. $90/endpoint but it's spook-tier. Everyone I deploy that to gets termed a day later.
  3. jake9000

    Best, Cheapest USB Cables?

    they literally do in fact make decisions. It is called an e-marker. The e-marker in that anker cable above making the wrong decision, but one that is was programmed to make was the entire problem.
  4. jake9000

    Best, Cheapest USB Cables?

    Generally a cable will always present a 5V current and the device can negotiate a higher draw with it. In this case, the cable was misconfigured and would just retain the laptop's settings after being unplugged. Not all devices negotiate, some just expect a 5V current and relies on basic bitch resistors to get the current down to the levels desired. This means that the laptop voltage being presented would damage a phone. So no, it isn't magic. USB-C cables have chips in them which provide the functionality, which is an opportunity for the manufacutrer to screw up. Anker recalled the cable after that video was released. You may also enjoy this post by the author, in which a particular cable took down his pixel chromebook and two power delivery analyzers. https://www.amazon.com/review/R2XDBFUD9CTN2R/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm
  5. jake9000

    Best, Cheapest USB Cables?

  6. jake9000

    Best, Cheapest USB Cables?

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vnpEXfo2HCGADdd9G2x9dMDWqENiY2kgBJUu29f_TX8/pubhtml Just because a cable says 'USB' on it does not mean it is compliant to the spec. Spend the $ for a proven product, especially if you're going to be charging your phone with it.
  7. It'll use whatever you happen to have. I'm using a dual xeon 5640. It's overkill but they were like $15 for the pair shipped and I thought it would be 'neat.' Never did hook it up to a kill-a-watt, I'm too afraid to look. I mean, it transcodes like a champ but my SHIELD direct plays everything anyways so what's even the point. Loaded a 4k demo vid in a few tabs for demonstration purposes. Also, one challenge I didn't plan on was cooling the northbridge due to the CPU interconnect. The supermicro board has no onboard cooling options as it's meant to live inside a server room. Currently have a stick-on passive sink with a noctua fan aimed directly at it, mostly does the job. Without it, the CPU coolers run at max speed even though the processors themselves are perfectly cool.
  8. jake9000


    Windows can be kinda crappy with this since it is an SMB share. Can you navigate to the share by computername? Just type \\MacPro into the file explorer. If so, you can map the drive and create a persistent connection.
  9. jake9000

    Shutting down UnRaid

    This is a neat project but I would caution against it. For starters, Unraid is somewhat hobby-grade and if it blows up you might have trouble getting someone more experienced to fix it for you. Secondly, you're basically engineering a single point of failure where you don't really need one. When we do VDI deployments there is usually a business need for it (no security at the edge network, workers who change locations frequently, application that doesn't work well over the network). At just two workstations I do not think VDI will be a good solution. If you want to save on hardware costs, look into just getting offlease or refurbished computers. Here's a quick quote from dell warehouse for example: Dell Optiplex 5060 small form factor, w10 pro, 128GB SSD, 8GB memory, 8th gen i5 processor, with 3 years ProSupport (next business day dude in your office with a replacement motherboard, callcenter is in Texas) for $645 per unit. Try to get these financed and throw in a business platform (o365 at $12.50/mo/user or G-suite at $5/user/mo) and some basic domainless management software (jumpcloud is free for under 10 users) and you will have an extremely reliable and robust managed business network. Present the final monthly cost to your boss and it will be approved. Keep in mind that at LMG they do "cowboy operations" specifically because linus thinks it is good showbusiness. In return for some fun channel content, they do have to deal with the occasional production outage generated by their little jankfest. They also are not saving money doing this since they are using new higher end components. Another thing is from a philosophical standpoint... if you pinch pennies with your business equipment you're gonna pay for it later in other ways. This equipment is a tool that you use to ply your trade, and in that sense it will pay for itself pretty quickly. If you give your company a crappy network held together with duct tape and paper clips, some jagoff consultant like me is going to take your boss to lunch and sell him a managed services solution that alleviates all his pain points and costs a lot more than the money you think you are saving by going this route.
  10. jake9000

    Your 8 char random password now means nothing

    Just use a flipping password manager and 2fa. Do not save any data of value to a site that doesn't offer 2fa. Passwords are only as strong as the database they are being stored in and you really shouldn't assume whatever website you signed up for knows what they're doing. For example, I couldn't help but notice msi.com didn't display a 'dipshit disclaimer' anywhere in their registration form even though they email you a plain-text password and encourage you to keep it with your records. Yeah MSI, I'm calling you out. You should not have the capability to even know the password! It should be hashed and salted before it reaches your server!! According to the online-domain-tools.com password checker, the pw displayed below should take about 8 sextillion years for a botnet to crack. Doesn't look like it'll matter, though! Passwords have zero value. It does not matter how fancy your password is. You should assume they're all in a pastebin somewhere anyways.
  11. jake9000

    boot for pendrive

    That is Unraid's recommended method. This way your config and stuff is not in your array (and you have all that space for your actual data). https://wiki.unraid.net/UnRAID_6/Getting_Started Backup your config! Main > Boot Device > Flash > Backup This will make a .zip of your flash drive. If you need to move to a new flash drive, just unzip the contents to the new one, run the makebootable script and plug it into the server.
  12. jake9000

    Bought WD Red

    As far as disk speed, cache, data throughput etc all of the drives are largely the same. The only thing is that the firmware is more optimized for reading than for writing, and better compatibility with RAID setups. There's no harm in using a red in your desktop, it just isn't optimal. tbh though... the bigger problem is that you aren't buying an SSD
  13. jake9000

    Wipe Any PC in 2 Minutes!

    I did enjoy the flashy interface, but like a previous poster says triggering ATA Secure Erase is all you need. Another option that I use for work is simply rotating the whole disk encryption key and forcing a reboot.. this causes a self-inflicted ransomware scenario. Usually use it if the company is terminating an employee that works from home.
  14. jake9000

    New server (but not server hardware)

    You definitely aren't going to like transcoding on an i3.That said, there are more powerful NUCs there, they sell i5 and i7 variants too. If you only want to transcode a single stream, a NUC8i5BEK will probably meet your needs. If you want multiple streams, go for the NUC8i7BEH instead.
  15. jake9000

    Looking for a programming Laptop

    If your work doesn't have a 3d component then your needs are pretty light. 1100 can get you a pretty bangin computer. All-day battery is pretty much guaranteed if you don't need discrete graphics, for example. I'm using a lenovo T480 as my workstation and I have an XPS 13 for personal use. Both are excellent machines! if you want to save money, have a look at last year's models on either Lenovo Outlet or Dell Warehouse. specs for non-gaming lappies have really plateaud the past few years so at that price point I don't think it's possible to get a bad lappy.