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  1. @TheToxicgamer97 Every computer has a 'machine password' which is generated automatically on domain join, and stored locally in the registry and in activedirectory on the computer object. The client keeps the current and most recent previous password. The machine password is automatically rotated every 30 days by changing it locally and then telling the domain controller what the new one is. If the client is offline for 60 days (two rotations), both of the registry items will mismatch what the domain controller knows and the computer will throw a trust relationship error upon attempting to authenticate to the DC. The fix for this scenario is to either do a domain rejoin or a test-computersecurechannel with a domain user account that is authorized to add 'new' computers to the domain. The machine will not magically get locked at 30 days, you'll still be able to log on with a cached credential to any computer you have logged on to previously. Since you apparently have no plans to ever use the old DC and are going to stand up a new domain, you basically dont have to worry about it at all. I once came across a colony of such computers that had been operating like this for years in an isolated lab. During a hardware refresh they just never turned in their old equipment but put them on a segregated network for running simulations.
  2. It's kind of neat, but last time I messed with it there would be a lot of issues with subtitles. I also didn't like it in scenes with mismatched frame timing (ex. CGI mixed with non-CGI elements). The Tanya avatar suggests this might be an issue, since both these things are common to Anime
  3. You wont find any alternatives outside of paid products like Papercut or PrinterLogic. Set up a windows print server I guess. CUPS is the de facto standard for *nix and has been for decades. For 2 printers you may as well just map your printers directly. edit: Samba has a print server front-end that might work. It does use CUPS on the back-end tho.
  4. Sometimes I find computers that are incorrectly negotiating their speed with the router. Try manually setting the desired speed to gigabit: Device Manager > Network adapters > The correct network adapter > Advanced > Speed & Duplex. Also, do you have any passthru devices between your PC and the router? Like a desk phone or other employer-provided network doodad.
  5. One bonus feature for .rar is that it has some parity features built in. If your file gets corrupt, you can repair it with a click. As far as I know .7z does not have anything comparable to that.
  6. Run the update assistant here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 It's the 'update now' button in the grey banner. It should get you to 1909.
  7. Assuming you can keep them in a cool and dry place, blurays have a shelf life of 50ish years. Just make sure they have inorganic dyes.
  8. If you don't mind a server formfactor, the Rosewill RSV-L4500 holds 15 drives and Newegg is discounting it for black friday.
  9. @AngryAnt I have my NH-D15 in a Fractal Design R5 and there's more than ample clearance. All of the panels have sound deadening and you can remove an unneeded drive caddy to improve airflow if you don't need to have like 15 HDDs.
  10. G-wolves hati is the loudest mouse I have ever used. It uses TTC Gold switches which personally I am new to and can't really vouch for other than that I like the ones I have. Logitech uses omron switches which have all had that chronic double click issue (guess what happened to my G403?) Not wireless but the wire is pretty good as far as those go. I don't think anybody competes with Logi in wireless. If you are inclined and don't mind handling a soldering iron, you can swap the switches out of your GPW. TTC Gold or Huano or Kailh GM microswitches can be obtained for under $10 on aliexpress. https://imgur.com/a/TI8cjo8#29NubZF
  11. I watch 60 where I can but I imagine that most people are just letting YT auto-select and YT is picking 30 due to bandwidth concerns, or are watching on a platform that doesn't support it.
  12. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/crazy-computer-technician-trying-repair-drill-139925122?id=139925122&irgwc=1&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=Digital+Property+Limited&utm_source=201896&utm_term=
  13. GTA The most recent Spiderman game Watch Dogs The Division The Last Of Us Not so much walking around, but Microsoft Flight Simulator. There's also a number of minecraft servers that re-create cities.
  14. For full HD you can do what you want. You could use a $100 LattePanda if you want. If you want to play 4k, the catch is that all your devices (video card, hdmi cable, and monitor) all need to support HDCP 2.2. For netflix this means nothing worse than a 1050 and you have to use either Edge or the W10 netflix app. Something to keep in mind if you think you might try 4k in the future.
  15. Chrome's GPOs are perfectly workable. The problem here is that Google turned on an experimental feature out-of-band in existing installs. It wasn't part of an update or anything! If you think Microsoft are any better I will point out to you the entire history of windows 10 updates between July 20 2015 and now on non-enterprise editions of Windows.