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  1. None of the fans spin, Not the heatsink's fan nor the ones installed in the case
  2. A few days ago, my pc stopped working a LED on my motherboard was flashing (SB_PWR). I got some help and found out that it was my powersupply. I just rebuilt my PC with a new power supply and cleaned out some dust. Theres no LED flashing anymore; theres a strong LED light like a normal start up but now theres a buzzing sound or static sound with still no start up or boot up. I cleared the CMOS and replaced the PSU with no progress. Video of the noise: https://youtu.be/43rZftoqlFg Specs: i5 4460 EVGA GTX 960 Asus Z97-E EVGA 450 BT (used to have Corsair CX600M)