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  1. Also when I keep Detect auto aspect resolution enabled on the game it fits all the way
  2. I would think if Acer/Asus cared, like maybe gave a fuck about consumers they would probably have better QC. Every single one of the X35's have had dead pixels, stuck pixels, or better yet HAIR .... HAIR behind the display. For $2,499.99 this is just the beginning of this. I would hope to god they'd inspect these monitors. Literally the ONLY good about this monitor is the FALD. Everything else just is horrendous. I am appalled. So anyone thinking about getting one, don't. Between flickering, dead pixels, or hair behind a $3,000 display is asinine. So far I'll just keep the Alienware AW3420D as it has no apparent dead pixels, and just the crappy IPS glow.