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  1. Sandbox360

    Mobo suggestion for R7 2700x

    Will it's power delivery be enough to handle 2700x?
  2. Sandbox360

    Mobo suggestion for R7 2700x

    Because my work doesn't require overclocking and I tend to screw up stuffs soo easily.
  3. Can anyone suggest a good motherboard for r7 2700x with good power delivery and stable non oc operation for daily use under 150usd? TIA
  4. Which cpu will be best from above mentioned for graphic design using adobe InDesign, illustrator and Photoshop from cs6? Where I live i7 8700 is 50-60$ more than i5 9600k I don't know how ryzens perform on adobe illustrator and InDesign. Saw some ps benchmarks yet being skeptical.
  5. Than what cooler would you suggest from thermaltake or coolermaster for i5 9600k or 8600k?
  6. Sandbox360

    Third party cooler for i7 8700

    Do I need a third party cooler to squeeze out peak performance from i7 8700. Can stock cooler be enough? If it is needed than an air cooler would be enough to keep it cool to reach it's peak performance limit? Ty
  7. I can afford both but non k one of i7 Here the i7 8700k is 70-80usd more than the non k.
  8. 600usd without hdd, gpu and monitor.
  9. Would you prefer a wd green ssd over Samsung? It is way much cheaper im my loc. And why didn't suggest i5 9600k ? same price as 8600k in my loc.
  10. I don't want to get in between intel vs ryzen, I'm already in a dilemma. I just want a future proof machine, if I take a i7 8700 and upgrade the gpu after a month or so? Would that be a good decision? I just want best sustainable performance for next 4-5 years and a hassle free work system.
  11. My budget is 600usd max, I currently use a q6600 with 4gigs of ram and an radeon hd5450 with it. It barely does the work.
  12. I'm a graphics designer, I will build a pc within 3-4 months. I do casual gaming, so my main emphasis should be on adobe InDesign, illustrator and Photoshop. Which machine would you guys suggest me for next 4-5 years or so? I was thinking of going for an i7 8700 build with 16higs or ram, gpu won't be mandatory for my InDesign or ps because I use cs6 (older version) for my office compatibility, cs6 is not optimized for gpu usage, So I guess igpu would be enough to serve my purpose, there's also an option for Ryzen 2700x but I'm skeptical for my old cs6 optimization issue with ryzen cpus and how the ryzen will perform compared to i7 8700 because some benchmark shows i7 domitases on adobe photoshop yet I'm not clear about InDesign's performance, should I go for ryzen or intel? Or should I wait for 10th generation intel or ryzen 3000?