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  1. Nah I mean more like the volunteering aspect and stuff
  2. I'm very interested in things like freegeek but can't find anything like that near me, is there anything you guys know of that's like that?
  3. I live in the UK and currently my house's networking consists of an ISP provided modem/router/switch, I'm wanting to improve our networking but I can't find a modem (not modem router) that is cable connected and that supports my ISP (I'm with Virgin Media if this helps) any ideas for modems I could use? I'm not sure if the Netgear CM series are compatible with my ISP as It seems to be a US modem any ideas will help By cable I mean coaxial but you guys probably already know that though
  4. Ok, I'm not sure if I have the power plan on high performance, why does that change it?
  5. So any idea from this what I could change?
  6. But the power button and things always work perfectly
  7. A few times now my pc has suddenly gone to sleep while ive been downloading or playing something, it's shut down while using unreal engine, while downloading a large file from chrome and some other times but the odd thing I'd that it's more like a coma as I cannot wake it up and I can't turn it of with the case power button so I have to turn off the PSU, any ideas what it could be? For info I'm using: Motherboard:Rog strix b450-f CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 RAM: 16gb 2666mhz (I know it's low) GPU: Rog strix oc Rx 5700 xt CPU cooler: h100i Storage: only a 2tb wd blue HDD nothing else
  8. i bought an old pc from some guy and it has ubuntu installed, i have no idea what his username or password were though how do i get in so i can remove ubuntu, or how do i make a new account?
  9. Im looking for a vesa mount to mount to my desk but i dont know what brands to trust, all i really know is that i want an expandable one for the future