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Everything posted by sniffytheman

  1. it has a very big scope but developments are being made and the money is being used to develop the game so it is not a scam
  2. i mean he is a kid so it is not weird that he likes fortnite
  3. i use a rx 570 for vr with my rift s and it works perfectly with h3vr so it is not a gpu problem
  4. so my dad wants a simple laptop so he can check his emails, browse the web and play solitaire for 500 to 600 $ it would preferably have an SSD it does not need to have any gaming capabilities
  5. yeah but it is better than not playing at all i played on a low end system a long time before i upgraded and low settings look completely fine in most games and does not hinder the gameplay at all
  6. low settings and 720p would be much easier then you might be able to run withcher 3
  7. very vauge specs and the reviews for the seller seem's fake does not seem legit i wouldnt buy the 1950 dollar one from that seller
  8. ryzen 3600 is good but my ryzen 5 1600 works perfect in games and is cheaper
  9. deus ex human revolution,mirrors edge,original tomb raider and just casue 3 is pretty good
  10. some bordelands 2 screenshots amazing game to play on my crap computer that i have during the summer
  11. you have to get premium to play anthem basic only lets you play for 10 hours
  12. Go for the vive if you have the space
  13. Do you have the same settings and resolution as the youtuber?
  14. some witcher 3 screenshots i picked it up today for 9 bucks and i love it
  15. Some no mans sky screenshots
  16. it is a ps4 exclusive developed by suckerpunch games called ghost of tsushima