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  1. I wasn't quite sure where to post this issue but maybe this is the right place to do so. The case is as follows: I am experiencing quite a bit of GPU coil whine, to be more precise since my liquid cooling loop leaked and a bit of coolant got into the PSU. After fixing the loop and letting the PSU dry out extensively everything seemed to be fine, however the GPU began to show coil whine after the incident. At first I thought it had to be the GPU as I do have a pretty high quality PSU (AX860i) so I swapped the 1080ti reference card for a new rtx2080 strix and experienced the same issue so I RMA'd that aswell. Now I got another GPU (again a 1080ti this time a MSI Gaming X) and the coil whine is back again. The whine itself is definitely coming from the GPU as I isolated both parts and am now in the process of getting a new PSU. Do any of you reckon this will solve my issue or did I just get extremely unlucky with my GPUs?