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Posts posted by quayyum94

  1. Whenever i give windows to my pc the drivers of mothermoard doesnt takes install specially lan drivers,dont know is it an issue of windows 10 or is it always like this,plz help!

    Motherboard-Asus Rog Strix Z390f gaming!

    also give me the proccessor driver link for i7 8700 which is 100% working bcz the drivers deny to install!

  2. 11 minutes ago, minibois said:

    Have the PSU be plugged into the wall (but turned off!) and just touch it (or you case, if your PSU is in the case) to discharge yourself. As @jstudrawa said, no need for a bracelet.. Sure, if you're gonna build multiple systems, it can be helpful. 

    You basically named all the most important thing already; handle the CPU/socket with care, be careful when pulling out the USB 3.0 cable.. 

    To add unto that, take note of how the front panel headers are installed, take note of where all the SATA cables are installed (I would usually recommend unplugging them when working on the PC, especially on the storage device side, so you can't accidentally bump into them).

    Are you aware that the PCIE slot the GPU is installed into has a latch that you have to undo?


    Make sure you have the right tools too:

    - Screwdriver (maybe a small one too, if you have an M.2 drive

    - Place to store all screws

    - Compressed air (or datavac) can be helpful

    - Paper towels and alcohol (water can work too, just don't let it sit on components and make sure it dried off completely)

    - Thermal paste

    - Tweezer

    - Swiss army knife


    Don't forget to turn on the PSU afterwards!

    What exactly are plastic gloves gonna do....? o.O

    This is rebuilding a PC, not a medical procedure. If you want to suggest them because plastic insulates, be sure to tell people to not touch the PC with their arms by the way!


  3. i was planning to uninstall all the components from my case and reinstall it again,what could be the damage and types of precautions i need to take in order to do it in the right way? Special worries about removing usb 3.0 cable the big one and front panel connecters and cleaning the processor!

  4. today i was changing casing fans,now the rubber washers that attaches above fan screw holes so that they let the fan less vibrate,one of these washers fell inside the case somewhere but i cant find it,now my question is suppose its stuck behind the motherboard ic or the motherboard rear area or suppose around the gpu will it cause any problems or will it electrify?

    Plz help me i know its a very silly issue but want to know!

  5. 11 hours ago, RAS_3885 said:

    To clear all ram slots easily you're going to want a single tower cooler.  Some large dual towers might work, but dependent on motherboard, case, and ram selected.


    I'd go with the Noctua NH-U12A, which is their new 120 mm single tower cooler.  Comes with two of their new NF-A12x25 PWM fans (which are excellent) and comes pretty close to the performance of the much larger NH-D15 dual tower cooler.  It's a bit pricey at $99 USD, but for performance and ease of installation/clearance to other components it's a great value.


    This is all assuming you're not running some overclocked high-TDP processor.  That would need something beefier.  For all other processors the NH-U12A will suit you just fine.

    Guys i live in Bangladesh,Noctua is not available here i wish it was or may be Be Quiet but none of them r available,could u please suggest me some other brands that would fit?

  6. 8 hours ago, WoodenMarker said:

    What case and ram are you using?

    Where are you shopping / located? Budget?

    Case-Cooler Master MB 500

    Ram-Gskill Trident Z RGB


  7. I'm looking for an air cooler which will fit with all dim slots fully populated,plz suggest the best ones! Note-For Gigabyte Aorus H370 gaming 3 wifi & Asus Rog Strix z390e gaming!

  8. 14 minutes ago, toobladink said:

    Minimizing like they're still running, but you get taken back to the desktop for a brief second and then you have to reopen the game?


    What have you tried to fix this?

    yes ur right,i havent tried anything yet to solve the issue plz help me!

  9. So I thought of setting up two rgb splitter cables in one rgb header,but the colours won't sync together,now I opened the new rgb splitter cable and set it up like it was before,now some components which were under that rgb splitter cable just won't sync together,what can I do to fix this??