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  1. Whenever i give windows to my pc the drivers of mothermoard doesnt takes install specially lan drivers,dont know is it an issue of windows 10 or is it always like this,plz help! Motherboard-Asus Rog Strix Z390f gaming! also give me the proccessor driver link for i7 8700 which is 100% working bcz the drivers deny to install!
  2. Suppose i have both types of rgb headers on my motherboard both Addressable 3pin rgb header and Regular 4pin rgb header,can both types of rgb headers can be used together is it possible? Has anyone tried?
  3. Which materials could be used for cleaning components for dust?
  4. i was planning to uninstall all the components from my case and reinstall it again,what could be the damage and types of precautions i need to take in order to do it in the right way? Special worries about removing usb 3.0 cable the big one and front panel connecters and cleaning the processor!
  5. Have anyone installed a vertical gpu mount on cooler master mb500 case? Whats the best vertical gpu mount on the market? What are the negative and positive impacts of installing vertical gpu mount?
  6. today i was changing casing fans,now the rubber washers that attaches above fan screw holes so that they let the fan less vibrate,one of these washers fell inside the case somewhere but i cant find it,now my question is suppose its stuck behind the motherboard ic or the motherboard rear area or suppose around the gpu will it cause any problems or will it electrify? Plz help me i know its a very silly issue but want to know!
  7. i'm buying stuffs always from www.ryanscomputers.com www.binarylogic.com.bd www.globalbrands.com.bd
  8. Guys i live in Bangladesh,Noctua is not available here i wish it was or may be Be Quiet but none of them r available,could u please suggest me some other brands that would fit?
  9. Case-Cooler Master MB 500 Ram-Gskill Trident Z RGB Location-Bangladesh!
  10. i7 8700 i'm using,no plans for overclocking!
  11. I'm looking for an air cooler which will fit with all dim slots fully populated,plz suggest the best ones! Note-For Gigabyte Aorus H370 gaming 3 wifi & Asus Rog Strix z390e gaming!
  12. its already activated by a loader and its activated! could uplease tell me r there any reasons?
  13. nope but i dont think it will solve the issue!
  14. yes ur right,i havent tried anything yet to solve the issue plz help me!
  15. All my games keeps minimizing after certain time,plz help! my rig processor-i7 8700 gpu-1070ti motherboard-h370 psu-750watt fully modular gold rated
  16. I have a gigabyte aorus motherboard now if I buy a Asus aura sync gtx 1070ti card,can I use the aura sync to change my rgb setting of my GPU only?
  17. So I thought of setting up two rgb splitter cables in one rgb header,but the colours won't sync together,now I opened the new rgb splitter cable and set it up like it was before,now some components which were under that rgb splitter cable just won't sync together,what can I do to fix this??
  18. @thinwalrus Processor-intel core i7 8700 Motherboard-gigabyte aorus h370 gaming 3 wifi Ram-gskill trident z rgb DDR4 2400mhz (8*4=32gb) Ssd-sata 2pcs,nvme-2pcs Liquid cooler 120mm Thermaltake 530w psu 4casing fans Front two intake Above two exhaust And the radiator is in exhaust place!!
  19. Can anyone give me a proper fan setup for this Cooler Master Mb 500 casing,currently the two front fans r in intake position the above ones r in exhaust position and the radiator is in exhaust position,I'm facing temperature rise when I launch a game the processor reaches to 65° celsius