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  1. quayyum94

    Aura sync use on GPU only

    I have a gigabyte aorus motherboard now if I buy a Asus aura sync gtx 1070ti card,can I use the aura sync to change my rgb setting of my GPU only?
  2. quayyum94

    Rgb not synchronising

    So I thought of setting up two rgb splitter cables in one rgb header,but the colours won't sync together,now I opened the new rgb splitter cable and set it up like it was before,now some components which were under that rgb splitter cable just won't sync together,what can I do to fix this??
  3. quayyum94

    Air flow setup for Cooler Master Mb 500 Case

    @thinwalrus Processor-intel core i7 8700 Motherboard-gigabyte aorus h370 gaming 3 wifi Ram-gskill trident z rgb DDR4 2400mhz (8*4=32gb) Ssd-sata 2pcs,nvme-2pcs Liquid cooler 120mm Thermaltake 530w psu 4casing fans Front two intake Above two exhaust And the radiator is in exhaust place!!
  4. Can anyone give me a proper fan setup for this Cooler Master Mb 500 casing,currently the two front fans r in intake position the above ones r in exhaust position and the radiator is in exhaust position,I'm facing temperature rise when I launch a game the processor reaches to 65° celsius
  5. quayyum94

    Air cooling

    i7 8700
  6. quayyum94

    Air cooling

    Is it normal for a cpu to reach 65° Celsius temperature??,still having so much air flow!!
  7. quayyum94

    Air cooling

    Linus,plz help me.....
  8. quayyum94

    Air cooling

    But,why does the temperature flactuate so much? From 30°-50°??
  9. quayyum94

    Air cooling

    I have a cooler master mb 500 casing with front two 120mm fans as intake and two 120mm fans an intake from above and a liquid cooler radiator is in the exhaust position,shall I change my above fans to exhaust,my CPU temps gets fluctuated on idle it stays from 30-35 and fluctuates more